The Room Illuminated

Room 66 – Miss Jane’s living room/kitchen (Melbourne, Australia)


“I love this room for it’s bright sunny outlook, it’s marriage to the garden outside, and the warm, welcoming, soothing calmness I feel here after my loud, crazy foot stomping days at the studio.”


It was difficult for Miss Jane to single out one thing when considering her favourite piece in the room, but these Travilla costume sketches are definitely something she’d be loathed to part with. “This collection included a sketch that was the inspiration for a costume designed for Marilyn Monroe to wear in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.”


“When we first bought this house we were so excited to have a breakfast bar and embark on the ‘breakfast bar lifestyle’ , that we had these iron bar stools custom made straight away . I fall in and out of love with them aesthetically, but the sentimental attachment and the excitement the words ‘breakfast bar’ hold are still very strong!”


“Frenchie was a farm cat, and we have had him since he was a kitten. He was in a tragic combine harvester accident at a very early age which is why he only has half a tail, and why we chose him from the million cats the farm lady had running in and out of her caravan, or resting in assorted shoe boxes around her yard (I’m not even kidding!). He is the perfect combination of adorable and lazy which suits us very well.”



“The Production Manager sign was from my dad’s office. He worked in advertising from the early 60’s until he retired, and I’m sure this sign relates to a positively hilarious Ad man joke in his world…which is why I love it. The more I watched ‘Mad Men’, the more I understood him!”



Another favourite in the room are the vintage deck of card lamps. They were purchased in Miss Jane’s home away from home – Palm Springs.


“The dolls in red outfits are American Campbell’s Soup dolls from the 40’s and 50’s. We bought them all beat up and filthy at a flea market in Brooklyn for about ten bucks. I cleaned them up and left them to soak in our hotel bath tub for the day. When we got back to our room, they were fully dressed and sitting up on the bed. They have been known as the ‘creepy dolls’ and been a little bit intimidating ever since.”


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The armchair is one of a pair that Miss Jane bought for a steal off eBay. Later she had them re-upholstered in two types of Jonathan Adler for Kravet fabric.





Miss Jane’s day job is head mistress to the stars at her tap dancing academy. These shoes (saved only for special occasions and photo shoots!) were made especially for her by one of her students.

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5 thoughts on “Room 66 – Miss Jane’s living room/kitchen (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Love your style, Miss Jane!


  2. Randy on said:

    We are so honored to be your friends – Your house is truly a reflection of two wonderful people


  3. Antastasia Beaverhausen on said:

    that’s one pretty kitty


  4. Oh the gorgeousness! A beautiful beautiful woman with a house to match! And wonderfully captured as usual Kate. xx


  5. Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins on said:

    So gorgeous, what a wonderful collection of loved things! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this room illumination!


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