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Room 67 – Tamara’s Winter Garden Room (Melbourne, Australia)


Tamara’s garden room is fully enclosed and positioned right outside her living room. It’s the perfect spot for her to sit and enjoy a cuppa in peace, and soak up the winter sun.



The daybed is there for a little extra comfort if Tamara feels like reclining.


The blackbutt timber wall paneling adds a lovely warmth to the space.


These photos were captured when Tamara and her husband were holidaying in NYC. They had originally intended to spend the trip Upstate as well, but instead they spent the entire 3 1/2 weeks exploring the five Burroughs and falling in love with the city and it’s architecture. “I’m not ashamed to say, seeing The Chrysler building for the first time was a religious experience.”


It’s amazing what can be done with a Sharpie pen! “My daughters asked for plants at Christmas (evidently it’s in the blood), so I decided to decorate the pots. I found this Russian, deco textile pattern online and stayed up until 3am christmas eve finishing their pots and one for myself. The sharpie was a great medium for the pots…nail polish works really well too!”


“The space encourages me to stop and sit quietly without distraction, which is ironic given the gritty urban environment its sits within – sandwiched between a panel beater and a train station.”


The tilt up, workshop door opens out to the balcony area.


Tamara’s husband found this leather armchair in a second hand shop in Amsterdam. “When I sat in this chair, I honestly felt it was giving me a big hug. It’s everything you expect in a chair when you sit in it. Coziness, relief, support and warmth.”

10 a

The winter sun is Tamara’s favorite thing about the room. “It makes me happy and sleepy.”

Logo q and a final

1. What’s the room and who uses it?
The room is the winter garden and mostly I use it.

2. What do you do for a crust?
Two parts to my working life – one is fashion, design director with my sister Elisa for Lulamae and secondly working in architecture for Breathe Architecture.

3. What goes on in the room?
Reading, tea for one, solitude, thinking, star gazing and no technology!

4. Favourite piece in the room and why?
The winter sun because it makes me happy and sleepy.

5. Anything on your wish list that you would love to add to the space?
No, it’s perfect.

6. Describe the room in two words.
Urban Oasis.

7. Why do you love this room?
Juggling work life between two businesses and family life with four daughters, this room has become my sanctuary. The space encourages me to stop and sit quietly without distraction, which is ironic given the gritty urban environment its sits within – sandwiched between a panel beater and a train station.

8. What’s one lovely memory you have whilst being in the room?
Sitting on the day bed, with the sun on my face, tea & toast on my lap, surrounded by my plants and feeling truly blessed and so happy.

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2 thoughts on “Room 67 – Tamara’s Winter Garden Room (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Sylvia K on said:

    Beautiful space! Green things would totally help you unwind after a busy day and winter sun is the icing on the cake. And I love the pot decorating – what a brilliant idea. Thanks for an inspiring post x


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