The Room Illuminated

What’s it all about?

Picture this…you’re taking an evening stroll and you see a house that has left its blinds open, willingly or not, to reveal the inside. I defy anyone who claims they can walk past that window, without slowing their pace down just a little to have a sticky beak from the footpath.

Voyeurism? Perhaps…but I can’t help but think that most of you know what I’m
talking about. There is something deliciously alluring about that illuminated
room. It’s warm, it’s inviting, it’s home…..granted, not my home, but I love
to ponder the people who really call that room their own: what they have in
there, how they use the room and the reasons they decorated it the way they

The focus of this blog will be to step off the footpath and straight into that illuminated room. The blog will not be limited to spaces that appear to have been plucked out of a glossy mag….although of course those rooms won’t be overlooked! I’m interested in showcasing rooms that have had some thought put into them, whether the owners have followed the golden rules of interior decoration or not. I’m just as interested in the emotions and memories attached to a room and the pieces within it, as I am in the aesthetic qualities and principles.

I welcome with open arms anyone who would like to contribute their favorite room to my blog. I wont turn my nose up at any room suggested… I’m interested in any room that is loved by is occupier, and I suspect everyone who reads this blog will be too. So please e-mail me to arrange a time for me to have a sticky beak.

Kate x