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How to contribute your favourite room…

For all enquiries about contributing a room to the blog, permission to re-post any of the blog’s photos or requests for freelance work please contact Kate by emailing or via the Facebook page for more information.

8 thoughts on “How to contribute your favourite room…

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  2. I am very proud of the training/Exhibition room we have just completed in my studio building on the farm. From an old farm shed it is now a modern and beautiful space with enough room for large works and some sculptures. I even have a ‘blackboard’ made of glass! We have a nice entry with space for hanging and a counter that we made up from a shop leftover and I hope to have my first solo out of the space in the Spring as part of my university degree. I can show you some photos if you’d like! You can email me at:


  3. Love peeking into all these amazing rooms! Such a beautiful website XX


  4. Any time sweet girl.


  5. I’m loving every ones worlds…singing and skipping jo


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