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Room 61 – Elisa’s Bathroom (Melbourne, Australia)

“Originally I wanted the bathroom to be green but I changed my mind after finding the floor tiles. I just love the natural concrete tones and texture.”



Sentimental items can find a home in a bathroom just as easily as any other room. This mirror has been in Elisa’s possession for 22 years. “The mirror has moved with me to at least ten different houses and has never broken. I was almost emotional to see it finally resting here for ever!! I never imagined it was going to be in the bathroom. I love it so much!”





This print entitled ‘Eloquent Earl’ is by artist Rona Green. A while back, in a conversation with Rona at a party,  Elisa remarked that she would love a painting of a fox. A year or so later Earl came up for sale, and Elisa jumped at the chance to grab him for herself!



The combination of timber and steel shelving (made by Juk – Elisa’s partner) bring a warmth to the space – not to mention personality!



The family’s pet fish has been with them for a while. Some time ago they purchased two extra fish to keep it company, not long after, Elisa woke up one morning to find said extra fish missing. It appeared that Goldie – known affectionately and as it would seem very aptly as ‘Jaws’ – got a little peckish!



One of Elisa’s favourite pieces in the room is the framed photograph of her and her friend, Pinto, taken in Berlin. “She has been there for over 15 years and I miss her everyday!”


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2 thoughts on “Room 61 – Elisa’s Bathroom (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Liza Fox on said:

    OMG..Love Love Love…especially the fish tank on the wall x


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