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Room 62 – Nadya’s family room (Clematis, Victoria)


“It’s warm, it’s interesting and it’s a representation of all the hard work we’ve put in.” Since purchasing their home, Nadya and her husband have tackled the renovations on their own, with stunning results.


The cane chair was picked up in hard rubbish, then given a new lease on life by re-covering the cushions . “I saw a lovely old man putting it out and asked him about it. He said that he had fallen asleep many a time in the chair and was happy that I was taking it to a good home.”


Nadya is a talented artist and her beautiful artwork can be seen in various corners of the room. The deer done in watercolour is one of her favourites.





“This was my Uncle’s travel chest, bought out from Egypt in the late 60s. My mother and her family came from Cairo to settle in Australia. and I believe this chest contained most of his belongings. My family was going to throw it out a few years ago –  luckily I was offered it before they did. It’s my favourite piece in the whole room.”




Nadya has a beautifully close relationship with her parents, and this connection is reflected on the room’s walls. “My children love their grandparents- we are very fortunate. My dad is an immigrant from Italy, a humble and patient man who always has the right advice for me. We call him the baby whisperer!”


“My mum is such a role model for me. Kind, hospitable, generous, loving and the best cook I know. Not a mean bone in her body. She is also very smart and speaks five languages. I am so lucky to call her my mum.”


Each season brings a new backdrop outside the family room window. “Originally, before children, we had a brand new beautiful house in the suburbs. We sacrificed a beautiful house with no garden for an almost falling down shack but with beautiful views and trees.”

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7 thoughts on “Room 62 – Nadya’s family room (Clematis, Victoria)

  1. Could Nadya please please share the colour of the blue walls….


  2. Donna Thomas on said:

    Love the color of the walls, I would never have thought to use it, it’s fabulous and I just love the chandelier in the kitchen,another thing I have always loved, it all looks so soothing – D.


  3. Nahmi Fanton on said:

    Nadya is so ingeniously creative and a beautiful soul. The room looks amazing! xx


  4. Liza Fox on said:

    What a beautiful room. Absolutely love the colour of the walls..and as for Nadya’s art…stunning! x

    Liked by 1 person

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