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Room 59 – Cintia’s kitchen (Melbourne, Australia)

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“I think the spotty wallpaper is my favourite thing about this space, it makes me smile every time I see it. Without it the room would just be another boring white box.”


The colours in the print provide a wonderful contrast against the wallpaper. It also serves as a happy reminder of Cintia’s travels around Turkey.

Just one of the many vintage linen tea towels in Cintia’s collection.


” I love my Zip tap, with its instant boiling and chilled water. No more boiling the kettle and forgetting!”


Cintia describes her various orange pots as an ‘accidental collection’. ” I found one at an op shop many years ago and loved the vivid colour, then whenever I saw one I just had to buy it. I’ve run out of room now…no more.”


Cintia went without a kitchen for six months whilst they were renovating. “I made this quilt during the demolition phase of our old kitchen. The house was such a mess, and I was really stressed out. Making the quilt was sort of ‘craft therapy’- it helped me cope.”


Those creative genes have most definitely been passed down. This artwork by Emma, Cintia’s 5 year old daughter.




The dining chairs were originally from a church hall, bought for a cool $5 each! “They were covered in paint and grime, I gave them a clean and now they’re as good as new.”

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3 thoughts on “Room 59 – Cintia’s kitchen (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Loving the bright and colourful spaces, especially that awesome statement wallpaper!


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  3. This is a stunning and friendly kitchen! I love it. Congratulations.


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