The Room Illuminated

Room 58 – Carla’s living room (Melbourne, Australia)

“We were so excited to find a 1960s house that had been renovated and decorated in the same style that we liked. I was especially impressed that the lounge room and bedroom had beautiful decorative ceiling roses with the original lights.”

The vase was a house-warming gift from Carla’s mum.


The lamp was a a hard rubbish find (originally from Bendigo Pottery) when Carla first moved to Melbourne. “The original shade wasn’t in great condition, so when I found this giant orange shade at an op-shop in Shepparton, I was stoked to find that it fitted on the base. The lamp base and coffee table are two of my favourite hard rubbish finds.”

On the wall hang piano books that once belonged to Carla’s nan. They are quite old, probably from the 1940s. My mum saved and framed them, then gave them to me as a present. Some of the song titles are classic, such as ‘Let’s Have a Gay and Hearty”, ‘Let’s Have a Ding Dong’ and ‘Yes! We Have No Bananas’.”

“The sideboard was one of the few things we bought especially for the house. I searched for ages until I found a sideboard from the same era as our house that was the right width and height for the space.”



The wooden clock is a souvenir from Carla’s first overseas holiday – a school trip to Sulawesi in Indonesia. “I bought heaps of wooden souvenirs like this and was lucky to get them through customs. I had no idea about any of that when I was 16!”

“The Brownie camera is another relic my nan was going to throw out that my mum saved. Mum can remember having her picture taken with it when she was a kid in the 60s.”


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