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Room 57 – Jen’s dressing room (Melbourne, Australia)

Jen’s dressing room – A space used not merely for dressing, but for ‘swanning’. “Swanning basically involves putting on my favourite 1940’s silk pyjamas, a turban (a la Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard) and generally just getting about and lounging around.”

‘Elouise’ – Jen’s vintage mannequin.



“Valentino’ is the second crow to join the family of Jen’s dearly departed beasts.

This skirt has been worn by Jen at many a special occasion over the years – indeed one particularly close to my heart… my wedding!!




This bottle of room spray is made by Cire Trudon, the worlds first candle making company est 1643 in Paris. The glass is hand blown in Tuscany and contains their signature scent Spiritus Sancti.




“It’s pretty indulgent to have a whole room dedicated to dressing up, so I’m pretty lucky like that.”

Jen’s favourite piece. “My favourite piece would have to be ‘Phyllis’. I saw this portrait one day across a crowded antiques warehouse and I was mesmerised by her eyes.”

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9 thoughts on “Room 57 – Jen’s dressing room (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Julie Guglielmana on said:

    What luxury and class!


  2. Just perfect, I loved every single component. One classy lady.


  3. It’s so lovely! Every bit is a visual feast. This lady is all class.


  4. Liza Fox on said:

    What a fabulous room…i’d swan in there any day!! xxx


  5. libbyb54 on said:

    Oh to have a dressing/swanning room. Wouldn’t it be luverly! So jealous.


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