The Room Illuminated

Room 56 – Demelza Nussio’s lounge and workshop (Adelaide, South Australia)

Demelza’s home is a 1950s flat roofed home in Adelaide’s South, but it’s in the 1970s add on that she spends most of her time. “I used to totally dislike the wood paneling , but I now appreciate the character and warmth it brings to the room!”

“I’m a big fan of vintage advertising prints and love this image of the dancing couple.  It reminded me of Zac and I – having fun and being together.”


“I came across Bernard, the storm trooper whilst Christmas shopping last year. I was coming down the escalators and my eyes locked on him. I stood in front of him and thought – I must have him! The other side of me thought ‘women in their thirties don’t buy storm troopers’, but I bought him anyway because who cares what thirty year old women should be buying! My partner and I set him up around the house doing odd jobs, posing etc. Its hilarious. The other day I walked into the bathroom and he was in the shower holding the loofah – it made me laugh. I am also a massive fan of Star Wars and George Lucas – a person that stuck to his vision when everyone around him thought he was crazy.”


“My grandma’s old camera fascinates me. It’s such a good looking piece of design and full of character. I value old design and how household appliances found in the 1950’s through to the1980’s had a certain friendliness and hardworking quality.”

The Burdhaus was Demelza’s first successful design under her label QueenSo. “It was inspired by my home and was a design I came up with in the early hours of the morning! I love how each one has their own personality and how functional they are as well.”


Signage ready and waiting for the next market or exhibition.

“If I’m in this room, I’m either creating or chilling out.”

Very few kids growing up in the 80s managed to avoid the portrait session! “My great grandmother knitted that jumper!! I can still remember it being hard to pull over my head…but I did love those buttons!”

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