The Room Illuminated

Room 47 – Toni’s living room (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria)

Toni’s beautiful, cosy, welcoming living room. ” I have a passion for surrounding myself with things of meaning and beauty.”

Originally from a monastery, the drawers on the side of table once housed bibles, now they are full of board games, cards, paper and Jig saws.

“My chairs have individual reminders, and it’s fun to see who sits where.”

“Who doesn’t remember Golden Books. This book is smart, sassy and simple…like me…hehe!”

“The two green arm chairs may just be the most uncomfortable chairs in the world, but they are typical of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ period, and as my house is nearly 110 years old, they’re perfect.”

One of the two fireplaces in the room.

The crucifix, thought to be from Brazil, came from ‘The Factory Antiques’ in Dromana. “Gale, who buys and sells the antiques and collectables has an amazing eye.”

“The big open fire really moves things to a new level, and transports one to another world. A world of charm and old simple pleasures.”

The nostalgic pieces in Toni’s living area, give the space plenty of heart. This child’s bike is the exact replica of one that Toni used to ride her sister around on when they were small girls.

painting 2

The artwork to the right is titled ‘Big Money’ by Julie Neikamp.

“The ‘Life’ poster on wall reminds me to keep it simple. I love to complicate if given too much time.”


Hypnos Toad

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7 thoughts on “Room 47 – Toni’s living room (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria)

  1. Thunderbolt on said:

    Toni has a great ability to fill her home with soul, warmth, light and beachy, but not busy it. Her Mornington Peninsula garden looks magnificent, and is a joy to walk about. Around every corner is evidence of a child’s toys, from last century and still in use, a tin penguin and very old stuffed dog missing a tail. And if your fortunate you’ll come across that child who will bring them back to life. T


  2. Ritchie rich on said:

    I have spent… Many hours around that dining table……It pays tribute to the art of friendship and having a close family……cheers Ritchie rich and blosom


  3. A room with lots of soul, I love it. Especially the chairs with individual reminders. Cute idea.


    • This room is magnificent Toni. Layer upon layer of lifetime treasures and things that matter. And the green is great, do u remember what colour it is?


      • Fiona I am not sure. The paint work stems from I guess 1930 when a bit of demo was done in this room. Making 5 small servants quarter etc to one grand room. The paint work is still magnificent !!! Would love that quality of work today – ha, struggle with that one.


  4. Liza Fox on said:

    Perfect eclectic mix..absolutely LOVED xx


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