The Room Illuminated

Room 46 – Meaghan’s kitchen (Melbourne, Australia)

Meaghan had the copper pendants made in Bali by a local man. He taps the copper smooth, then shapes the pendants into all their beautiful glory.

Meaghan’s collection of treasures, gathered from around the world and closer to home.

‘Where’s There’s Tea There’s Hope’ print by Paula Mills. “I love it because my maiden name is Hope and we always drink tea with my mum. I’m a coffee girl but tea I’ve been brought up on.”


campari 41

The Campari print is by artist Andrew Wellman. “An ex-pat Melbourne boy who lives in Bali, love his work.”

The yellow pug was made in Cambodia and bought in Bangkok on a recent trip. “I carried him home along with the flamingo (in the background), it was hell protecting that neck on plane!”

The eye chart was salvaged from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, before it got demolished.

A fabulous pop of colour in the form of a commemorative tea towel by Douglas & Hope. Its called ‘Long Live McQueen’ – a celebration of the amazing life of Alexander McQueen.

The huge mirror is Meaghan’s favourite thing in the kitchen. Not only does it provide the illusion of the kitchen being wider than it is, but it gives the family endless entertainment. It provides a reflection to dance in front of or to play ‘kitchen presenters’…and huge laughs when someone walks right into it!

Yep…it was delicious!

The skulls were bought at a local market in Mexico, whlist on a ‘girl’s trip’ to celebrate their respective 40th birthdays.

More overseas purchases! The pen holder was bought from a local artisan in Vernazza while walking the Cinque Terre.

“The Rhino is adorned with a fluoro ceremonial piece from Thailand, a very special lei made for me by my friends mother who is Gilbertese from the Gilbert Islands, and lastly a vintage Afghani beaded piece I bought at Chata Chuk market in Bangkok, the world’s biggest outdoor market…”

The watermelon bowl is by Samantha Robinson. “She molded the prize winning melon at the Sydney Show”

Artwork by Miranda Skoczek. ” It was a birthday present from my family. It sits on the periphery of the dining room so it stays clean and safe!”

TRI 3Slide1Slide2

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8 thoughts on “Room 46 – Meaghan’s kitchen (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. i love your style Meaghan, the fresh ,clean, bright colorful kitchen is a wonderful family hub. ‘great job’……The bits and bobs from your travels make fun, interesting talking points. Would love to see more when you finish….


  2. Liza Fox on said:

    What an interesting collection of objects d’art from all over the world..Love it x


  3. Wow… she’s really good at putting big colour around! This was really fun to look through.


  4. What a gorgeous place, worthy of being in an interiors mag.
    Thanks for sharing


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