The Room Illuminated

Room 43 – Norma’s lounge (Melbourne, Victoria)

Norma’s relationship with her flower painting has had its up and downs over the years. “I bought it twenty years ago just after my mum passed away. When we moved here I put it up and didn’t like it, so put it in the garage. I offered it to my granddaughter who had it for a couple of years, then it came back…I love it now.”

Pop princess, Kylie Minogue has many strings to her bow…music, underwear, and soft furnishings! This cushion is one of her creations. ‘I was after that colour and I got it on special. I saw it and thought “Oh my God it’s beautiful”‘.’

Tasteful, classic vignettes such as this make Norma’s room the stylish, relaxed space that it is.

Norma’s favourite position. Sitting by her bay window, light flooding in, with a good book…bliss.

“People always say they love the way the room’s set up. It’s very peaceful and restful.”

How can you go wrong with fresh flowers in a room! Plucked straight from the garden, Norma’s roses are positioned in every corner of the room…so pretty.

‘H’ is for home of course!

Norma confesses to loving all things French. “I love the atmosphere the French create. I travelled to France and saw Paris and the rest of the country. The curtains in the room are from St Remy actually!”

The ornate lantern masks the black leather couch, that despite Norma’s objections, must stay, as it belongs to her dear husband. A lovely example of how compromise in a shared space turns a happy room into a happy home.

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4 thoughts on “Room 43 – Norma’s lounge (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. Lamb on said:

    My Aunty Norma’s lounge is always being re-arranged but it always looks stylish. She is always adding something new and she loves changing up her cushions and artwork. It is a beautiful room to sit in and gather with family. You get the royal treatment every visit with nibbles, cheeses and cake laid out on the most delicate china with cloth napkins.


  2. I’d love to sit in that chair by the window with a good book too. I could while away many hours there.


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