The Room Illuminated

Room 42 – Jo’s kitchen/dining room (Morningtion Peninsula, Victoria)

“Twenty nine years ago, we swapped a box of beer for floor boards, then Mr Australia (Jo’s husband) made the table out of that.”

The monkey playing his cymbals was one of those amazingly lucky buys from an op shop, that Jo had a few months ago. “I won’t tell how much it was…you would faint…I just about did.”

“When I was eleven years old we lost someone very special to us. I didn’t really understand, so I asked my divine nanna about God. She spoke to me about what I thought…I told her that I thought there must be many Gods to look after so many people. She said to always remember that and keep that in my heart. The statues keep me calm. I burn incense and light candles every morning for blessings…I do believe in love and happiness.”

Jo is a self-confessed lipstick lover, admitting to keeping at least thirty around the house to ensure she never runs out. “I love lipstick. I put it on every fifteen minutes (true!). I wear Rimmel no 120 – Cutting Edge.”

“I just love these boxes…this one would have had silver tea spoons in it at one time.”

Jo admits to having a secret fascination with boxing. “I found these old boxing boots in a little junk shop in Rosebud. I don’t know how old they are…but I love them.”

A lovely little dresser stores a selection of Jo’s teacup and saucer collection. “For my 50th birthday party, I was given this dolls dresser and a little white chair…I was beside my self.”

A cool 50c for this very sweet crochet tea cosy.

Busy in the kitchen…”singing and skipping”.


“I was out and about one afternoon in Rosebud, and happened to come across this little beauty (the teeny weeny cabinet). I went through my purse, and luckily had enough money after the food shopping. I just love it so much, it makes me happy.”

“The blue-green bowl is divine, and was given to me by a lovely girl. It was her grandmothers, and she said it had to live at Fairy Cake Pond..I will treasure it for ever.”

Jo isn’t the only creative soul in her household. The poem on the kitchen wall was written by her son. “He would have been sixteen years old, it was for his school art class. He took the photo of my girl mannequin as well. I loved it and took a copy.”

“When I was a little girl, my mumma would say ‘Put your hands out’, and a packet of fruit tingles would be in our hands, it was such a treat! When I had my own naughty, divine children, it was cup cakes and musk sticks -always musk sticks – the taste and colour is sweet and divine.”

Inside the dome sits one of Jo’s own creations.

Can you spot the miniature door? It couldn’t be called Fairy Cake Pond if the fairies weren’t welcome! “I never want to grow up. I’m a very lucky girl to have family and friends that know me and care about me. I said to my Mr Australia that I felt so free, and I wanted our children to feel the same…so I made our world. I put the fairy door in our house to let magic just happen…”

I’ve collected since I was eleven years old. I’d help my nanna, and she would give me pocket money. I’d spend it on unwanted things, while other children would buy lollies.”

“The twin dolls are just true magic to me. I found the twins in one of the local op shops over ten years ago. Their clothes where old and dirty.  They came home with me, I bathed them and dressed them and then made crowns for them…they are a part of my world…”

“I’ve created a world in which to be happy. Sipping lemonade and eating cake are wonderful things to do…”

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16 thoughts on “Room 42 – Jo’s kitchen/dining room (Morningtion Peninsula, Victoria)

  1. What a fabulous woman!! I love that she keeps lipstick always to hand- I do that too.XXX


  2. Karren Murdoch on said:

    I am in awe. Unique, Gifted and down right Fabulous.


  3. Justine mc on said:

    I am very blessed to have sat at this table many times and shared in its magic !!! I just love miss Jo … She has a special gift for bringing people together


  4. Beautiful. So beautiful. What a magic soul. I’d love to have a cup of tea with Jo at her dining room table.


  5. Kellie on said:

    Wow. What a space, what a mum, what a woman! Thankyou for this little glimpse into your world.


  6. Love it! I can tell you would have had many many awesome photos of quirky cuteness from this shoot! x


  7. Angie Kennedy on said:

    I have been lucky to share Jo’s world for the last 20 years,she is the friend every little girl dreams of,sharing her adventures,her family and her love,and the special magic that is Jo <3 <3 <3


  8. Our beautiful Jo…….such a delight to visit Fairy Cake Pond


  9. Coco Lisa Sheils on said:

    Some asked recently about art moving people to tears with it’s sheer beauty-well this does. Jo you are otherworldly-a fairy amidst us in this modern world. A breath of fresh air. Fairies do exist xx


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