The Room Illuminated

Room 44 – Jeanie’s art and craft room (Melbourne, Australia)

The writing desk was bought in Daylesford and given to Jeanie as a birthday gift.

The silk screen of a suffragette (name unknown), is one of Jeanie’s own creations. Many years ago, it was entered in the ‘Women’s Salon’ exhibition at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick.

The cushion and crochet blanket that sit on the armchair were made by Jeanie’s talented hand. “My godmother taught me to crochet when I was eight years old. The cushion I made at a ‘crafternoon’ tea a couple of years ago. Infrequently a group of women get together to make and teach each other new skills. Mostly we sit around and drink champagne and eat lovely homemade cakes. This cushion is from a ‘plates of fortune’ pattern and was taught to me by my friend Rosy.”

“This doodle stitching project began when I attended a course at the ‘Friendship Tree’ in Northcote. It’s been a real delight to work on and I’ve received some orders for cushions from friends as a result!”

Jeanie’s collection of thread providing a fabulous colour burst.

Jeanie’s wonderful ‘Wall of Women’.

Jeanie’s vintage suitcases house her ever growing paper collection. “I love collecting paper and I use them for all sorts of things. I always make my own cards for friends and family. I also use them in collaging and screen printing.”

This stunning photograph is a wonderful example of the treasure that can be found in op shops. This beauty was bought by Jeanie eighteen years ago for $2.50!

Jeanie does all her artwork on the desk in front of the window to make most of the light streaming in. It’s also a handy spot to look out on to the veggie patch, to plan the next move in the garden.

The flowers are an example of Jeanie’s daily exercises. “I try not to let a day go by when I don’t draw something.”

Yes, this sunbathing beauty is the wonderful lady herself. “Its a lovely reminder of a gorgeous summers day and how I once looked.”

“Frida Kahlo is someone I admire very much. She suffered so much physically and managed to commit herself to her art wholly.”

The two headed sculpture was bought at the Tathra Easter art show.


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6 thoughts on “Room 44 – Jeanie’s art and craft room (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Thanks for all of the lovely comments. I do feel very lucky to have a “room of my own”. I have been doing some writing in my room every morning this week. Its amazing the thoughts that arise!! Kate thanks for taking such lovely photos, you are a creative force.
    xxx Jeanie


  2. Very impressive Jeanie! You clever girl! What glorious colours and what a fantastic creative space.


  3. Cathy Greenwood on said:

    What a beautiful space you have created . It looks filled with warmth and creativity . Love the doodle stitching, colours and light. What an inspiration.xx


  4. Oh that doodle stitching is wonderful. And the wall of women, what a great idea. I’d love to be invited in for a cup of tea.


  5. jenny on said:

    What a nourishing space. I especially like the doodle stitching, and the fact that the view is of a vege garden!


  6. Liza Fox on said:

    What an absolutely fabulous and inspirational room, filled with so many treasures…i’d never leave xx


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