The Room Illuminated

Room 34 – Lize’s lounge/dining room (Melbourne, Australia)

Lize’s beautiful space, full of the collections and treasures she holds so dear.

The many antlers, horns and animal skulls that adorn Lize’s room were bought on-line. “They’re all old, and all of them I paid next to nothing for. I started collecting horns, antlers etc before they became really popular, so they were as cheap as the proverbial french fry!”

The wooden candlesticks are French and date back to the 18th century – a very special gift from a now ex-boyfriend. Lize made the wreath herself using old dressmaking pattern tissue, string and sea urchins. “I had wreath envy as mine was stolen last year…won’t be putting this one on the front door this Christmas!!”

The dining table was made by Lize’s brother in law using wood from a Port Melbourne pier. “Not a day goes by when the table’s not used. I do crafts on it, wrap pressies, cut fabric, sort through stuff on it. Its like a workbench…I love it. The artwork is by Melbourne artist, John Taylor.

One of the many Bentwood chairs that Lize has collected over the years.

When Lize first purchased her printer’s tray, she began undertaking the task of finding items small enough to fit in its tiny compartments. It stared with miniature vintage bottles, then mini souvenir lighters and finally dice from Vegas and her grandfather’s collection. “It took me over a year. Anywhere I saw these things, I’d buy, bid and beg for them. I call it the ‘Frank Sinatra tray’ – booze, fags and rolling the dice.. three of Frank’s favourite pastimes!! I used to say, ‘how brilliant I’ve found another lighter for Frank’. Friends must have thought I was completely mad!”

The street scene painting is by one of Lize’s favourite artists and friends, Pasquale Giardino.”He was part of the ‘Roar Artists’ group.. one of the initial founders actually.”

This cupboard is one of Lize’s most treasured pieces. She bought it years ago at a flea market in Paris… not only is it a joy to look at, but it’s a beautiful reminder of when she lived life as a Parisian.

This fantastic eye chart was bought from an op-shop.

Freddie and Reggie.

The tall cast-iron candlestick was a gift from a very dear friend of Lize’s over twenty years ago. “I’ve shipped that to Paris and back…it’s well traveled.”

This gorgeous blue rabbit candle is just for looking, not for lighting!

The large tin mirror is Mexican, and another online purchase.

This tapestry cushion is only the second piece that Lize’s daughter, Gypsie has ever done – beautiful.


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36 thoughts on “Room 34 – Lize’s lounge/dining room (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Today I was lucky enough to be welcomed into this beautiful space and it is every bit as the photographs have captured. This room is given extra warmth by its gorgeous inhabitants. Lize, her girls and the precious sausage pups make this a home. Too special not to share. Beautifully photographed, thanks for sharing.


  2. Chris Barry on said:

    what a neat article and insight into Liza’s eclectic and artistic nature.
    also a great family home


  3. I’ve looked at this room three times already today and see something new that I love each time. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Such a beautiful, thoughtful room full of love and stories. So delighted to sneak a peek into Liza’s fascinating home. Beautifully captured.


  5. Beautiful room, beautiful photography.


  6. Just love this space! So full of treasures with such stories to tell. Well done Lize and Kate!!


  7. james smeaton on said:

    Dear Lize,
    Looking into your abode is like looking into your heart.
    Its full of care,love and creativity.
    James Smeaton


  8. Deborah Brandon on said:

    Such a stunning & inspiring space and I adore Lize’s treasures x


  9. Deborah Brandon on said:

    Such a stunning and inspiring space, such beautiful treasures Lize x


  10. Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

    Wow, what a beautiful beautiful home you have Lize. So well captured Kate! I love the printers tray and the tribute to Frank Sinatra. Also loved reading more about you and your time spent in Paris….. and your lil’ dogs…. oh so much to love! Jess xxx


    • Thanks so much lovely lady. I love the printers tray too. x


    • Liza Fox on said:

      Oh are just divine! Thank you for all your love and enthusiasm…its so heartwarming when i read lovely things about my space… and i have to admit, unexpected. i wasn’t sure of the reaction to all the old bits and bobs in here and i’m really grateful for your gorgeous feedback xxx


      • Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

        You should never doubt yourself Lize, you truly have a gift for interior styling and making a house a home. So lovely to have connected via Instagram, lets catch up one of these days, I just know we could collaborate on some creative and interesting work. Jess x


  11. A Freene on said:

    So many lovely objects…my fave (excluding the adorable pair of dachshunds) is the painting by John. Taylor…the table’s pretty good too! Beautifully shot Kate xx


  12. Liza Fox on said:

    Well done’ve captured it beautifully xxxxx


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