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Room 33 – Jess’ dining room (Melbourne, Australia)

The red lantern was one of many that Jess bought on a hot, humid day in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, whilst visiting her dad. The lanterns originally hung as decoration for Ryan’s (Jess’ partner) birthday, they stuck around for the Christmas festivities, then Jess loved the pop of colour so much, they remain there today as both a reminder of travels had and special moments around the dining table.

Jess admits she loves taking risks when it comes to interior decoration, and this black and white version of the American flag is testament to that. Jess’ love for print and pattern, along with a desire to create an impact on an otherwise plain, white wall, led to the purchase of this piece. Throw in Jess’ half-Texan heritage, and the personal side of the piece becomes evident.

Jess and Ryan bought this bookshelf when they first moved to Melbourne. The store was walking distance from their old house so to save delivery costs they determinedly – and perhaps awkwardly – wheeled the piece home on a trolley through the busy streets, dodging traffic.

The Long Island tile belonged to Jess’ great grandparents. “They lived in Long Island in a beautiful, old, quintessential American two story home, with trees as tall as the house, so you could see the cute little squirrels out the window.” This mid-century tile was given to Jess this past Christmas by my her father. “He knows I adore and treasure family relics and the stories and memories that go with it.”

Jess’ parents picked this little caravan up when they were traveling through America several years ago down Route 66. It’s actually a little bird house and was bought in Winslow, Arizona.

Never averse to a bit of kitsch, Jess describes the flamingo as being the perfect addition to the courtyard that sits right outside their dining room window. As a kid, Jess remembers when flamingos were used to decorate the front lawns, when people had milestone birthdays.”I think this is a bit of childhood nostalgia coming through.”

Jess’ favourite piece…her amazing copper tub.

The table cloth was picked up from a garage sale in Jess and Ryan’s neighborhood. “The lady specialised in African home wares and artifacts, and she told me it was handcrafted from an African tribe in Gabon. My Dad has lived and worked in West Africa, including Gabon and has brought back artifacts such as this before, maybe that’s why I was so attracted to this.”

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl! These boots were a gift from Jess’ parents, when on their U.S road trip. “Cowboy boots are basically the only style of shoe my Dad owns, so it really isn’t anything out of the ordinary in our household.”

The mixture of timber and steel – “a match made in heaven” according to Jess.

Check out Jess' blog here

Check out Jess’ blog here

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15 thoughts on “Room 33 – Jess’ dining room (Melbourne, Australia)

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  3. A Freene on said:

    Beautifully shot Kate. I love the dining room table x


  4. It’s all looking just beautiful Jess! I can’t wait to come over and enjoy a few vinos with the flamingo! alll my love to the three of you xxxx


  5. Your rooms are amazing, Jess! Things/objects I especially liked:
    1) Flamingo and wall decor in the courtyard
    2) Black and white flag
    3) Copper tub
    4) How you displayed books
    5) Cowboy boots
    6) Cat
    7) How you combined it all
    Another proof what a talented designer you are!


    • Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

      Thanks so much Anna! That is a lovely compliment, it was nice to be able to show off a part of my home and interior style! xx


  6. Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

    Oh Liza Thankyou! I’m so pleased little Peg got in one of the shots, she suits our home so much… Thanks so much Kate for photographing our place so beautifully and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!


  7. Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

    Reblogged this on Eclectic Medicine and commented:
    My dining room has been featured on The Room Illuminated blog. Thanks to Kate Hansen for the beautiful photography and opportunity to welcome you all into my home!


  8. Liza Fox on said:

    What an absolutely gorgeous dining room, courtyard, and cat!
    Love it all, especially that copper pot and flag and boots and bookshelf…its endless love from me. x


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