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Room 32 – Ruth’s kitchen/lounge room (Adelaide, South Australia)

The heart of home…Ruth’s beautiful, bright kitchen.

The Villeroy & Boch dinner set was a gift from Ruth’s sisters Lucy & Penny and friend, Kelli for her 21st birthday. “This cabinet was designed specifically for this set as its bright coloured pattern always makes me feel happy and cheerful”.

Ruth’s favourite piece – The beautiful lotus flower pendant that hangs in the kitchen. “It’s fashioned out of four pieces of bent steel and weighs a tonne!”

Our morning tea…yum!!

A room can never take itself too seriously when kids are about… a very hungry caterpillar makes his colourful contribution to the space.

The stones on the facade of this amazing fireplace were collected by the original owner of the 1925 bungalow. He walked four kilometers from the house to Somerton beach, with only a wheelbarrow to collect them. “We are only the third owners of this property and when I redesigned this kitchen/living space I polished the rocks and simplified the fireplace mantle to unveil its unique, hidden beauty.”

“This divine mid-century ‘Rolls Stereophonic’ radiogram was purchased in 1972 by my mum’s parents, in order to provide musical entertainment for my mother Bev’s 21st birthday party in their Prospect home. The radio and record player are both in working condition and provide amazing sound. It is a treasured family heirloom.”

The blue lamp belonged to Ruth’s mother, Bev when she was a little girl.

This larger radiogram belonged to the grandfather of Ruth and Denton’s oldest family friends the Davies. “When his own grandchildren didn’t want it, it was offered to me and I jumped at the opportunity to keep this very old, yet functional piece of history.”

“The lovely wooden blocks (and children’s table and chairs in the other image) were all made by our extremely talented woodwork craftsman, Uncle Ian . These have all been gifts which we cherish as I love the textures, colours and hardy nature that timber has, to withstand the knocks and bumps the children (Owen, Elliott and Sullivan) throw at them.”

The still-life painting was painted on canvas by Adelaide Artist, Nicola Semmens. “Our dear friends collected items that we owned that symbolised important times or features of our life, and had Nicola paint this as a wonderful surprise wedding present to us in 2007.”

The chair is one of a pair, that was passed down to Ruth and Denton by his Grandmother. “They were in original condition and were the first chairs I ever restored. They became the founding design for my company Alfie & Audrey, and in her honour, the design was labelled ‘Joyce’.

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3 thoughts on “Room 32 – Ruth’s kitchen/lounge room (Adelaide, South Australia)

  1. Lauren on said:

    Gorgeous kitchen and that cake looks delicious…


  2. Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

    Fabulous room, I adore the blue lamp!


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