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Room 31 – Emma’s kitchen/lounge (Melbourne, Australia)

The felt-ball cloud shaped rug is part of Emma’s ‘Homely Creatures’ range and is hand made (fair trade) by women in Nepal. “I designed it to look at home in nurseries and kids’ rooms but think it suits our living area nicely too!”


“The sleeping bear cushion is of my own design and in my ‘Homely Creatures’ range of cute things for the home. This guy keeps me company when I work on our comfy couch!”

“I was at a garage sale when I came across a very old and sad looking lounge chair. But since the frame was still solid I could tell that it would last another lifetime, so I stripped it right back, restored the frame and covered two foam cushions with this awesome geometric fabric. It’s one of my favourite things in the room!”

The artwork in the black frame is one of Emma’s own creations.”I did the bold black zigzag painting to tie in with a vintage blanket I have on our couch. I’ve had the blanket for years, and I think it came from my grandmother.”

The vintage camera was gifted to Emma’s partner, Robin because of his dad’s interest in photography. “It’s not in working order but makes a great ornament!”

Emma loves her kitchen for its abundance of natural light, white walls and subway tiles.

This lovely piece,by ‘Angus and Celeste’ was picked up by Emma at the crafty ‘Markit’ in Melbourne.

The cloud shaped chopping board by ‘Nook’ is a treasured kitchen item that Emma confesses, always makes her smile.

The skyscrapers are salt and pepper shakers that Emma’s mum brought back with her from a trip to New York.

Maryanne Moodie was teaching weaving classes at Megan Morten’s ‘The School’ in Melbourne, and this is where Emma started making this piece.” Like most of my creations, it ended up looking quite naive and cutesy. The neutral hanging (pictured previously, above the upholstered chair) was my second attempt which was inspired by a memory of a macramé wall hanging from my childhood home.”

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Click on the keyhole to follow The Room Illuminated on Facebook

Check out the Homely Creatures blog here

Check out the Homely Creatures blog here

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