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Room 30 – Roz, Sam, Birgitta and Astrid’s kitchen/courtyard (Melbourne, Australia)

The light-filled kitchen leading out to the courtyard lends itself to being a place to both relax and entertain.

Just some of Sam’s very impressive collection of cookbooks.

The glasses and mugs on the shelf hold personal stories and family history: pieces from their grandparents’ houses, gifts, pieces picked up from travels and op shop finds.

The brown mugs were inherited from Sam’s grandparents.

Instead of settling for any old boring tea towel, Birgitta decided to use fabric that she designed herself.

The jar of pickles are just some from a huge batch that Sam made for the household to enjoy.

Sam’s potting table.

This chair was designed and made by Roz. It’s called ‘The Sun is burning my butt so deliciously’. It was made in 2010, using granite pebbles, stainless steel cable and stainless steel frame, and was exhibited in Milan at ‘Salone Satellite’ in 2011.

The large numbers are steel letterboxes Roz designed and welded whilst studying furniture design at UTAS in 2008.

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One thought on “Room 30 – Roz, Sam, Birgitta and Astrid’s kitchen/courtyard (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Hey Roz,

    Couldn’t help but notice that gorgeous green vase in the potting table photo :, I think I may have given it to you for a bday in the far too distant future!
    It looks like you have found yourself a lovely home!
    On a side note re heat stains on your table, I found a trick which involves an iron and a towel – weird but works! Give me a call some time and I’ll fill you in on it and other eccentricities of my #lifeofawife :)

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful post and I hope your life is swell!
    Xx Sarah


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