The Room Illuminated

Room 28 – Christopher’s bedroom (Melbourne, Australia)

The cardboard deer head is Christopher’s favourite piece. It was a gift from his sister when she returned from her overseas travels.

This photograph of downtown NYC was a St Kilda market purchase.

When you can’t get to the gym….the gym can come to you!

“I used to have a really old lamp shade in the room that was very ugly. One day my mother and sister came home with this one. Better.”

The motorbike was a gift from Christopher’s sister Livia, bought on her travels through South America. “She knows I love motorbikes, she carried it in her backpack for ages…not bad.”

“My father went through a stage of buying things on Ebay…old things. He bought this phone so I put it in my room. I’m going to try and connect it one day.”

When Christopher was younger,he was a keen skateboarder. His mum mentioned this fact to one of her customers one day, who happened to be a skater and they gifted this skate board to him. Christopher liked the image so much, he decided to turn it into an artwork for his wall.

Christopher’s very talented sister Giulia created this piece for her VCE portfolio.

Steel capped boots and a bag to carry smaller tools…the essentials in Christopher’s day job as an apprentice carpenter.

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