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Room 27 – Jazmina’s bathroom (Melbourne, Australia)

Jazmina picked up the planter box from a junk shop in Healesville about 15 years ago. She then bought a small indoor plant for it, which has since grown into a monster!

The claw foot bath was in the house when Jazmina and her husband, Jonas bought it “We could never find a plug that sealed the empirical dimensions of the plug-hole properly, but a few years back Jonas dug up the brass plug in the garden and it was a perfect fit!”

“The fireplace was in the house when we bought it, so we assume it is original. The house is c1920. It was part of a Commonwealth Bank returned servicemen accommodation program following WW1.”

The silver deer head was an impulse buy from a shop in Smith Street.”I loved it so much, I tracked down some others in Seaford and one of my fellow Lithuanian folk singers, Audra, was kind enough to collect it for me. Cheers Audra!”

Jazmina picked up this dresser from a secondhand furniture store on Brunswick Street. “Originally it was a stationery cupboard in an office, but clearly it was always intended for storing toiletries and towels in my bathroom. It was too perfect a fit to pass up!”

The angels are made by a reclusive Lithuanian dievdirbe (“god worker”), Rimante Butkuviene, who lives in a storybook shack in the Lithuanian countryside.”We bought the angels from her directly on various visits to her incredible home; always amongst the highlights of our trips.We feel very privileged in having a mutual friend who takes us to this secret treasure”. See more of Rimante’s home on

The reindeer is an early student work by Sarah Larnach ( Jazmina taught Sarah when she was studying visual Art at RMIT over a decade ago, and even then she displayed a “precocious talent”. “The wolf money box was a belated birthday gift from a good friend, Daina, who knows my tastes and predilections well!”

“I bought the fangs, initially intending to include them as part of some female werewolf costumes I was making for my Masters project (the hand-printed, hand-sewn ears and mask are hanging in the corner of the bathroom), but they look much better out than in so I never used them. One of my students, Jo Stewart, was making exquisite beaded pieces using redundant mouth plates as a base, so I commissioned her to work her magic on my fangs. I was delighted with the results!”

The red light is one of Jonas’ (Jazmina’s husband) earliest light sculptures. He built it from a set of vintage meccano he picked up at Camberwell market.

Jazmina’s favourite piece in the room – the antique Madonna icon that was handed down to her by her Grandmother.

“I found the diver in a Northcote lane way while I was walking my dog (Trouble) and couldn’t resist picking it up.” “The fish lighter was my father’s. I inherited it after my father died (far too young) and gave it to Jonas as a remembrance gift.”

The ceramic fish are a souvenir from Lithuania. “The small one didn’t make the flight home in one piece but I managed to glue it back together – mostly intact – with PVA.”

“My grandfather, Nikalojus, died at 58 years old when I was only two so I have no memory of him, but he has always been a romantic figure in my imagination on account of the black and white photos of him in my grandmother’s photo albums. He was so handsome! Like a matinee idol. Woodcarving was one of his favourite past-times and this is one of his many pieces exploring traditional Lithuanian motifs. Like much woodcarving in Lithuania, it integrates catholic iconography with pagan symbolism.”

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8 thoughts on “Room 27 – Jazmina’s bathroom (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Such a beautiful bathroom, thank you so much for sharing this – so decadent, but sensible! Love the special pieces – interesting that there is such an emphasis on the bathroom – any particular reason for that?


    • Hi Carmen,
      Thanks for your enthusiastic response. Actually, the whole house is equally ‘decadent’ in terms of wall colour and salon style hanging of artworks and objects. Definitely not minimalist decor! But the bathroom is my particularly favourite room, because its so decadent for a bathroom.


  2. Now there’s someone not afraid of using colour. Yay to that!


    • Hear hear Marcus…my bathroom has never looked so dull!


    • Thanks Marcus,
      Yay to colour indeed! Every room in my house is a different colour, each as bold as the next, although this blue is a particular favourite. I was inspired after a visit to galleries and museums in Krakow (Poland) many years ago. Instead of the usual white, the wall were painted rich, luminous colours (including a very similar deep blue) and the works just glowed against them. I vowed never to settle for white walls again! In fact, I had an exhibition recently (my PhD examination) and painted the walls a similar shade of blue. I’m not sure what was a bigger hit – the artwork or the wall colour! (Some photos available on my public facebook page: and here:, if you’re curious!)
      Thanks again for commenting!


  3. A bathroom like no other filled with amazing objects. What a great way to start the day, surrounded by such spirits. Now I want to visit Lithuania!


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