The Room Illuminated

Room 26 – Emilia’s bedroom (Melbourne, Australia)

The crochet blanket was handmade by Emilia’s Ma Ma (grandmother) just before Emilia was born.

One of Emilia’s favourite items in the room is the desk her mother up-cycled.

The woollen owl hanging on the wall was purchased from a warehouse in Fairfield, with a massive selection of retro clothing and home wares. The owner boasted that the furniture and clothing he sold had been used on popular Australian television series which were set in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Emilia’s mum describes this print as “totally embodying Emilia’s thoughts around books; reading is like nourishment for her.” Emilia goes on to add, “there’s heaps of time for reading, but then you need to do other things…. and then you can do more reading….”

Piglet was a gift from Emilia’s aunt when she was born. The arms and legs dangle from the body like cooked spaghetti, thanks to all the years of loving…

The desk chair was bought from Ebay by Emilia’s mum, ” It swivels, it’s heavy and a bit rusted. I love it”.

Emilia’s mum Kellie had a Raggedy Ann doll when she was a child. “She lost all her woollen hair and got chewing gum stuck to her face. When I saw this Raggedy Ann doll in a second-hand shop, it was like seeing her again!”

“Mother’s hold their children’s hands for a while…their hearts forever.” So beautiful. So true.

One half of a ‘best friend’ necklace, of which best friend, Stella has the other half.

The vintage tin, bought in Bendigo, works as the perfect storage for all of Emilia’s pencils, writing pads, erasers….

The man with the eye patch is the ‘Mad Hatter’ from the Alice in Wonderland series by The Black Apple.

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8 thoughts on “Room 26 – Emilia’s bedroom (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. El Maglitto on said:

    Such a pretty space!


  2. Another lovely room Kate – showcasing the interior designer amongst our young!


  3. What a beautiful room and a gorgeous girl. Can’t wait to see the Flying trapeze Em x


  4. vanissa on said:

    Emi, your room looks so special. I love your print.


  5. A gorgeous room for a gorgeous girl. Hmm Kel are you free to come and design a space for my girls???


  6. Wow, what a great entry. A beautiful space for a gorgeous girl. Well done Kate, captured wonderfully once again. Love the Raggedy Ann story. I remember her. Glad to see she lives again. Big armed hugs. X


  7. Shelley Prior on said:

    What an absolutely beautiful picture of you Emilia. And your room is just as gorgeous. I love your desk too, what a clever mum you have!!


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