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Room 25 – Tina’s dress making studio (Melbourne, Australia)

Tina busy at work in the light-filled studio above her home.

The Janome sewing machine was purchased from an elderly man who resided in Collingwood. He stopped using the machine due to bad eyesight. Now it’s used for button holes and for Tina’s daughter to practice on.

The mirrors were originally easel stands from an antique store. Tina turned them into mirror stands.

‘My mother used this sort of curtaining in the home where I grew up .It really gave me a sense of Italian nostalgia, so I decided to put them up with my touch of lace too. “Authenticity is invaluable, originality is non existent. Its not where you take things from its where you take them to”…a quote I read by John Luc Godard.’

The green dress was one of two dress designs Tina made for her 40th birthday.

This book was given to Tina on her wedding day. Now it holds photos of wedding dresses that she has made to measure. ‘I will pass it down to one of my children some day. Hopefully they will appreciate my skill.’

The chaise lounge was Tina’s very first (and very costly!) furniture purchase at the age of 21. It remains a much loved piece.

Working on a bridesmaid’s gown.

These scissors were bought when Tina started fashion school. ‘They were very expensive and they cut as well as when I bought them. I look after them better than myself sometimes…sharpened,oiled and wrapped in cloth.’

The clothes on the clothes rack are all hand made crochet samples. ‘I would like to produce them as half machine-knitted and the other hand-crocheted. Something to look forward to. I’m still learning how to operate the knitting machine.’

The mannequin is adjustable so it can be altered to replicate client’s individual shapes. ‘Made to measure is my specialty, so this sweet loving mannequin always helps me to get it spot on.’

‘This precious sewing machine always puts a smile on my face. My first step to my life long career. I was eight when mum bought it for me.’

The dolls are dressed in traditional Sicilian garments. ‘I got these dolls during my first visit to Italy at the age of six.’

‘I have owned this hat block for thirty five years. I used it to death during the 80’s and 90’s.Now it’s a memorable piece.’

‘These merino wool crochet scarves are a recent make, all hand made. They are now loved and owned by friends and clients.This is a craft that was taught and handed down by my beautiful mother.Thank you Mum!

Such a gorgeous colour burst!

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3 thoughts on “Room 25 – Tina’s dress making studio (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Christine on said:

    That’s it, I want a made-to-measure dress from this woman!


  2. An amazingly industrious room, love the mirrors.


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