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Room 24 – Jonas’ shed (Melbourne, Australia)

Jonas made his own workbench from scrap that he found on the side of the road.

The ’64 XM Falcon Coupe sits in the driveway . ” I’m planning on having a 50th for it next year, parking it in a field somewhere, getting my friends’ cars in a circle around it pointing in, headlights on, crank up the stezza…”

A crank from one of Jonas’ old bikes. “I really should try to get better at chucking things out that are useless.”

A card with AC/DC on the front sits above the stubbie holders that have accumulated over time.

The print of the bomber is called ‘Drone’ by artist, Kate Zizys –

On Monday nights and some weekends, Jonas makes lights and sculptures in his shed with friend, Simon. This is one of his creations.

One of Jonas’ completed pieces.

A recycled can gets a new life as a pen holder. “I love those cans from overseas that you find in weird little delis… cans of pickled meat with a happy cow’s face and that sort of stuff.”

Jonas’ favourite thing in his shed – his couch. Above sits his practice bass. “I was in the Nuff-Nuff’s, The Retards, the Allergic Reactions… a bunch of nowhere bands that had one gig each. Now I’m in an imaginary band, the Panic Buttons, one member only. We have one song, merch (a T-shirt) but no gigs at all. Punk Rock, baby.”

In the warmer months Jonas uses the shed as a beekeeping workshop, for spinning honey and building beehives. The logo was designed by Jonas’ wife Jazmina.

The drawers have been in the shed for a while. ” I like it because its not ‘off the shelf’, it’s been welded together by someone (the little handles are washers cut in half). It’s an example of someone else’s shed work, where you don’t buy stuff, you make it. I imagine back in the day, maybe after WW2, there were millions of guys tinkering in their sheds, and playing home renovators, making stuff, tinkering with the tranny on. Then came telly. Now we’re online and buy stuff from China, instead of actually creating or doing or making. Most, anyway.”

No shed is complete without a mirror ball..yes?

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8 thoughts on “Room 24 – Jonas’ shed (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. tina comisso on said:

    fan bloody tastic shed! love it!


  2. Is that a peep hole I see in the front door?? An enjoyable read and awesome photos as always


  3. Stephen on said:

    Yep..Jonas in the shed with his tranny!


  4. Terrance Hansen on said:



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