The Room Illuminated

Room 23 – Maree’s studio (Melbourne, Australia)

Maree’s previously unused roof space was converted into a beautiful, light-filled art studio.

Maree has a self-confessed obsession with pineapples. For Maree, they evoke memories of summer and holidays to Thailand, and so naturally have featured as subject matter this painting.

These pretty paper lanterns add a fun pop of colour to the space.

The artwork of the woman in rollers reminds Maree of her busy lifestyle….never having a minute to relax and exhale!! She confesses she would like to meet the smoking man in real life!

This artwork is one of Maree’s favourites, which she confesses, she will never part with. “It reflects all that was me many years ago, and it was the first artwork to have mixed medium to it . Painted on a piece of wood from my late grandfather’s shed and completed when I still lived at my family home. I remember going through dad’s garage and finding decking oil which was lovely to paint with.”

The cushion was bought from a shop in High Street, Northcote. Maree admits she’s a ‘northern girl’ through and through.

Maree enjoys working with spray paint, as the vibrant colours and smooth surface give a wonderful finishing touch.

Maree’s best friend had these cards printed up for her birthday. Maree describes herself as an extremely visual person who sees art everywhere. “It’s all I see around me.”

With this painting, Maree wants to create a portrait with a modern edge. “It isn’t finished yet….who knows what I will add to it when the time is right.”

The artist’s ‘tools’.

Another pineapple!

Maree used this image of the couple kissing as inspiration when she was experimenting with water colours.

This painting was taken from an image of Kate Moss, that featured in a book with photography by Mario Testino. ” He pushes boundaries and his work is extraordinary. I really appreciate photography….another medium I would like to explore one day!”

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6 thoughts on “Room 23 – Maree’s studio (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. I too, would like to meet smoking man!…Loved the space and the post


  2. True art is characterized by an irresistible
    urge in the creative artist


  3. tina comisso on said:

    love it maree……… looking through your room made me smile and feel happy. thanks for this journey. You are very talented girl. Love ya northcotetirian! Also loving your artwork in my home ,makes me smile because I look at them through your presence.Thank you


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