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Room 81 – Debbie Harman Qadri’s Kitchen/lounge room

kitchen 2

Debbie and Tyson. “I spend most of my time in this room, I really like the yellow parts of the kitchen.”


They mosaic splash back, created by Debbie, is one of the earliest mosaics in the home. “I was very inspired by Le Maison Picassiette in France. I don’t think it took very long to do, perhaps a week at the most.”


Debbie has been interested in art from a young age,  having been surrounded by creatives her whole life. ” My father was a plein air oil painter when I was growing up, and I went painting with him. Now he paints watercolours. I also had an aunt Ena who lived in a house full of paintings, who would always gave people tours of them. There were painters in her family for several generations. She gave me the idea that art was important.”




Debbie paints at her kitchen table. This piece, by Debbie, is titled ‘Travelling’ – oil paint, acrylic, textiles.


girl 2



Artwork of woman’s face on left – Mitch Hickey.Mosaic sculpture by by Sanne Malkaer.



“These cups I am making are for a project I’m doing called ‘Message in a Cup’. I’m going to make 100 of them and they will have people’s messages about learning on them and be put into Footscray for people to find as part of BluScray. Apart from that, I’m addicted to making cups. There are perhaps at least 200 hand made cups in the house.”




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Logo q and a final1. What’s the room and who uses it?
I am the main user of the room. The children mainly use it when they’re hungry.

2. What do you do (or did you do) for a crust?
Artist (mainly work in schools on projects).

3. What goes on in the room?
Cooking, eating, watching ABC iview, reading, music (composed by daughter on pianola), entertaining friends in armchairs, painting, art projects on kitchen table and sewing in the studio end.

4. Favourite piece in the room and why?
Too difficult to choose, perhaps I will think about it…

5. Anything on your wish list that you would love to add to the space?
More space so I could fit in more armchairs.

6.Describe the room in three words.
Tea , art, armchair.

7. Why do you love this room?
I spend most of my time in this room and I really like the yellow parts of the kitchen.

8. What’s one lovely memory you have whilst being in the room?
When my daughter had her eighteenth birthday, the speeches began to go for too long so we let off champagne into the crowd of teenagers. The teenagers responded by having a food fight and the champagne dripped from the ceiling onto everybody…I guess it is the room of birthday cakes and gatherings.

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5 thoughts on “Room 81 – Debbie Harman Qadri’s Kitchen/lounge room

  1. Carmen on said:

    I remember that night, my 12 year old was in raptures xx


  2. So nice to see a gorgeous creative space that’s not curated for social media consumption. Love it!


  3. Michelle Barry on said:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Debbie has a wonderful mind and always has about 25 projects going on in her head. Every time I visit I see something new and exciting. She has an enormous heart for friends and family and inspires so many people with her can do attitude and shares her wonderful artistic knowledge with all. Her literally accomplishments are witty and uplifting. I love all her rooms because there is always a project happening in every room including the garden rooms. Its a privilege to know this wonderful artist and friend.


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