The Room Illuminated

Room 80 – Liz’s living room


“I love this room because I created it. I go out and hunt for things and bring them home and make them work! Too many people worry about brands and trends…not me!”


“I’ve always loved colour. I love clashing patterns. I rarely wear something that matches… if I do put something on that is too ‘matchy’, I feel out of sorts! Fluoro or neon pink is my favourite colour.”



The large black and white pic of Liz and her partner Simon, was taken in a photo booth on Chapel St a few years ago.


“I love dogs, but think it is unfair to have one in an apartment, so I’ve got my cushions instead.”



“The cat art on my dining table is actually an image of a cat from an old t-shirt, cut out and pasted on, then I did some stenciling with spray paint. I would love to be a street artist, but those guys are talented…I’m just playing. I love op shops, so I buy t-shirts with images on them and re-jig them some way. I just collect junk really!”



“The tea cups are all mostly my Mum’s. I loved all that stuff as a child and when Mum departed this world, I inherited them.”


21a141718aLogo q and a final1. What’s the room and who uses it?

The room is a living/dining in a one bedroom 1930s Art Deco apartment, and it is used for living! From coffee and chats with my girlfriends to cosying up in front of the open fire in winter with Smoochy (my partner of nearly 7 years). I have also been known to have the occasional dinner party,  squeezing sixteen people into this tight space!

2.What do you do for a crust?

I am in the pharmacy industry (Buyer/Operations) …. I would rather be an artist of some sort, but pharmacy pays the bills!

3.What goes on in the room?

The occasional snooze in the afternoon sun, craft projects on the dining table, conversation, relaxation and often sitting admiring all my bits I have collected…

4.Favourite piece in the room and why?

I love it all, but if you pushed me for an answer, I would have to say my industrial metal coffee table, the industrial drawers and the pink fluro street poster that Simon tracked down for me after I mentioned that it took my attention under the Swan St bridge! We had it framed and it represents me because I grew up in the disco era and Simon calls me ‘Pussycat’ and I LOVE fluro pink!

5. Anything on your wish list that you would love to add to the space?

I can’t fit anything else! My friends say that I am at capacity!

6.What do other people say when they see your room for the first time?  Obviously a beige person who likes symmetry is overwhelmed by this space, but most people say it represents me and is full of love. It’s eclectic and it’s hand picked with love by me for me. Although it’s very cluttered and I live on Melbourne’s busiest Rd, most people comment on how calm it feels inside these four walls.

7.Why do you love this room?

I love this room because I created it. I go out and hunt for things and bring them home and make them work! Too many people worry about brands and trends… not me!

8.What’s one lovely memory you have whilst being in the room?

This space is all good memories because it’s home and there aint no place like home :)

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4 thoughts on “Room 80 – Liz’s living room

  1. Kellie warner on said:

    Love love love it. Very ecclectic and interesting.


  2. I LOVE this room :-)


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