The Room Illuminated

Room 64 – Rhianwen’s dining room (Melbourne, Australia)


Eating, conversation, reading, folding washing, painting, meetings, writing, games, homework, play-do – just some of the activities that go on in Rhianwen’s dining room.


The alphabetic artwork provides a great focal (and talking!) point for the space. “When we bought the piece we were renovating our house and thought we could use it as either a shower screen (in between two panels of glass) or as art in our new dining room to create a bit of conversation!”

11b final



“The chairs came from the old Boeing boardroom in Port Melbourne before it was demolished. We bought them from a second hand dealer on St Georges Rd. I made my husband do a mad u-turn as we drove past them on the side of the road – I instantly fell in love with them. When we pulled up to inspect them we noticed they had a ‘sold’ sticker on them, fortunately for us the first purchaser didn’t return to pay and collect them in time, so we ended up with them!



Rhianwen’s husband also does his share when decorating the home. The angel that sits in the corner was purchased on eBay. “I have driven all over Melbourne to collect the random goods he purchases late at night!”.




“Andrew’s father is German and I lived in Germany on a student exchange. We celebrate our ‘German connection’ every year with an annual ‘Bier festival’. We turn our house into a German Biergarten/Bierhall, dress up in German costumes, invite a few mates around and enjoy! The lederhosen are just too difficult to remove so our dummy celebrates all year round!!”

light 2

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