The Room Illuminated

Room 49 – Ritchie’s sitting room (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria)

“The green vase was blown by my gorgeous best friend, Timothy Horn (Honk). He is a glass blower that now lives in Vermont, USA.”

Ritchie’s favourite piece sits behind the armchair…the crown that once again was made by friend and artist Timothy Horn. “The glittering crown turned my house into a kingdom.”

Ritchie has had this horse in his possession for the last thirty years. “I swapped it with someone at the time….it came off an old carousel and had been hand carved out of one piece of wood. Another must have!”

A little touch of Australiana in the sitting room. This little beauty was an op shop find.

“Blosom is the love of my life. I inherited her three years ago from the divine Renee Scott . I had never lived with a poodle before, I have always lived with a motley bunch of puppies that have come from the pound…and I have loved them all to death. Then one day a princess arrived at my house and her name is Blosom. Sometimes I feel like she is my puppy bride…”

“The crucifixes are a collection of people’s own religious experiences that they have gifted to me over the years.”

The harp that sits in the corner of the room is another sublime creation from the very talented Timothy Horn.


The harp’s magnificent detail.


“The painting in the wooden frame – ‘Child with Crown’ – was painted by Julie Niekamp, my creative mentor.”

The Chesty Bonds bust was another ‘must have’ for Ritchie. “About twenty-five years ago I was about to pay my phone bill…I walked past this gorgeous junk shop in St Kilda…he was in the front window with a not for sale sign, but as you are aware everything has a price. So I went and made them an offer to good to refuse…I had my phone disconnected that day.”

Ritchie has plans to eventually open up a fish and chip shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia to help fund the orphanage that he raises money for. ‘Hello Sailor’ will be the shop’s name when this plan finally eventuates.

vases 3

All the glassware are op shop purchases. “I love the effect of light on glass.” The painting in the background is another work by Julie Niekamp.

“I love Obama…cos he’s hot. I think I suffer from Michelle Obama envy…and he is good buddies with Oprah….Lordy Lordy…how cool would that be….a dinner party with them…me and Blosom.”

“I think this artwork is my visualisation of my perfect life.” Another work by Julie Niekamp.

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8 thoughts on “Room 49 – Ritchie’s sitting room (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria)

  1. Nancy Leahy on said:

    Richie love your passion


  2. JohnGayewski on said:

    One of the most entertaining creative kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I still remember the leopard skin jacket you wore the first time we sat to drink. I was relatively new to Melbourne. I thought what an amazing character…I still do!


  3. Gorgeous Ritchie. So talented and genuine nice guy, what’s not to love about him or his decor.


  4. Ritchie’s home is amazing and you never fail to see something different in a corner or on a cabinet. Amazing creative creature that he is!!


  5. Liza Fox on said:

    Absolutely LOVE this room…what amazing treasures! xx


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