The Room Illuminated

Room 40 – Nadia’s dining/lounge room (Melbourne, Australia)

There’s no shortage of natural light in this gorgeous open plan space. On one side of the room, the living space lights up with the morning sun, and on the other side, the dining space shines with the afternoon rays.

When Nadia first laid eyes on the Bentwood chair, she totally disregarded its run down state and need for repair, and instead focused on it’s incredible potential. As luck would have it, Nadia’s very clever mum has a love and talent for furniture restoration and consequently, brought this beautiful piece back to its former glory. “She took it away and lovingly restored it, even hand stitching the rattan seat. It is absolutely a ‘forever’ piece … I’m never giving this up!”

This linen print by SuperTrooper Studio was picked this up by Nadia at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne last year. “I love the quirky take on my adopted city and many of its icons. I didn’t grow up in Melbourne, but you would be hard pressed to get me to move now”.

The white enamel jug is such a favourite piece, that it very rarely leaves its spot as the centerpiece on the dining table.

Nadia’s dad, though very humbly only admitting to being a ‘hobby artisit’, is in actual fact an incredibly talented visual artist, winning first place in the Frost Fest Orange regional art exhibition competition last year. Examples of his fine sketches, from his time spent in life drawing classes hang in all their beauty on the dining room wall. “I am so proud to hang his art in my home. I am astounded by his ability to capture the subtleties of the human form with a simple pencil or charcoal. During the short period of the life drawing course, he produced over forty drawings in this series. They are all great, but these are some of my favourites.”

The print is by Hunting for George. “The words are actually the title of a Dr Seuss book. And the first few pages go like this:
‘Congratulations! Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself any direction you choose’.
This inspiring prose is completely appropriate to have in my home, inspiring and guiding my young boys on their life journey.”

The old school desk was a hard rubbish find. Again, Nadia’s mum’s amazing restorative hands returned the desk to its former glory. “How someone could throw this away, I’ll never know. The boys love to sit there and draw or read. Even though it is a great vintage piece, it isn’t so precious that it can’t be filled with crayons and pencils and notebooks and scissors. It is a desk after all!”

Nadia first spotted this table in a display window of a florist, beautifully dressed for Autumn. “I inquired about the price, thought about it over a coffee at the café next door, then went back and purchased it… all in the space of twenty minutes. I did feel bad then, as the florist had to dismantle her display!”

This gorgeous cabinet with its hand painted detail on the drawers and doors was found at a Chinese Antiques store in Richmond.

A small sample of Nadia’s ever-growing vintage and retro silver cutlery collection. ” I have a serious cutlery crush. I’ve been gifted many beautiful silver spoons, forks and knives for my collection from friends, but there is nothing I love more than a bit of thrift shopping to chance upon a lovely heavy handled spoon or a lovely patterned cake fork. I also love seeing the funny souvenir spoons floating around the op-shops. I picked up one the other day with Captain Cook’s Cottage on it. I’m dreaming of chancing upon a bone-handled cutlery set … but I think that is wishful thinking!”

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15 thoughts on “Room 40 – Nadia’s dining/lounge room (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. What a relaxing room. So lovely. Just love that bentwood chair. Ican see why it’s so special.


  2. Oh wow! From the snippets I’ve seen on IG I knew this would be a fabulous room. I especially love all the ‘rubbish’ finds and how they’ve been integrated into the room. And I can almost picture the space buzzing with conversation and laughs when Nadia’s family came to visit. :) great post!


  3. What a gorgeous story on a very lovely lady. Well done Kate and thank you Nadia for sharing your beautiful space.


  4. leahluna on said:

    Oh Nadia, I love your home. It is so lovely to know more about you. Beautifully photographed Kate xx


  5. Nadia Walker on said:

    Kate!!! It’s fabulous … thank you!!! You captured so many lovely images of my favourite rooms and the words accompanying really tell a beautiful story. I’ve sent the link to mum and dad as I’m sure they’ll be chuffed to see them mentioned once or twice!


  6. e219thpl on said:

    Ahh!! “A breath of fresh air” indeed! Kate, your shots of this room really brought it to life for me! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and getting a glimpse into the life of one of my favorite IG’ers. Nadia has such great style!


  7. Liza Fox on said:

    Absolutely love the photos…wish i’d found that amazing desk!! I can’t seem to locate the interview but the photos are divine. Gorgeous room Nadia, and beautifully shot Kate xx


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