The Room Illuminated

Room 39 – Rob & Jen’s kitchen/dining room (Melbourne, Australia)

Rob and Jen’s dining room – a space that more often than not is the setting for impromptu gatherings with family and friends.

The antique keys were picked spotted and bought by Jen.”I love this style, and when I see things like this I just can’t leave them – they have to come home with me!”

Rob and Jen’s family and friends watch on, even when they’re not there in person. “We both love being surrounded by family & have both been adding frames to the wall at different times. The idea is to cover the entire space with pictures… a work in progress.”

An early photograph of Rob (pictured in the middle) with his brothers, Kip & Stepas. The brother’s background is Lithuanian, and the handwoven fabric that drapes over the picture frame is an example of the traditional Lithuanian weaving technique that is passed down from generation to generation.

A little gift of love given to Jen by her sister, Lisa.

This cute little clock was a 30th birthday gift for Jen. It lives in the dining/lounge area, but never stays in the same position for too long.

The elephants were given to Jen from a friend, when she returned from India after visiting family.”I love them.”

The terrarium was a project undertaken by Jen some time ago. “Most of the plants are from cuttings – a lot of them from one of our dear neighbours, Helen!”

“The painting was a gift from Rob’s Grandma – she’s always telling him to become a farmer. She’s a very talented artist in her own right, although she didn’t paint this one!”

The old flour tin was a garage sale find and is a favoutite of Rob’s. The tins second life in their kitchen is now as the perfect inconspicuous vessel to store his secret stash of sweets.

Antique meat scale – another garage sale find!

Rob and Jen both share the cooking at home, with the help of this fine collection of knives. “I love cooking as it makes me feel relaxed and I enjoy making up new creations! Recipes are sometimes looked at, but hardly followed very closely – I could never be a pastry chef!”


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6 thoughts on “Room 39 – Rob & Jen’s kitchen/dining room (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Amy on said:

    Another beautifully shot room Kate x


  2. Jenni on said:

    Thank you Kate! We loved having you over and you captured some great images of our treasures :) so grateful x


  3. Sarah on said:

    Rob’s secret stash of sweets is secret no longer ;)

    Oh, and I really like the terrarium. Nice job.


  4. What a lovely relaxed room. I can imagine having a cup of tea and a chat at that table.


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