The Room Illuminated

Room 20 – Katrina’s studio (Adelaide, South Australia)

The ‘Gate 8 Workshop’ studio space was once a Baptist church, built in 1883.

Artwork by Remi Picheta. The image was painted using red wine on carpet.

Katrina’s bench covered with coffee capsules – the materials used as part of the ‘Project Upcycle’ project.

The vintage biscuit tins and tea trays that Katrina will eventually turn in gorgeous eco-jewellery.

Katrina’s ‘indispensable’ planisher.

                                                                                                                                                     Check out Katrina’s beautiful Eco-jewellery collection on her website or follow her on Facebook.
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The finished product! Australian wildflowers made from coffee capsules. (Photo provided by Katrina Freene)

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4 thoughts on “Room 20 – Katrina’s studio (Adelaide, South Australia)

  1. I love love love this! x


  2. God is Light, Beauty of Holiness, are these original? The huge windows of natural light shining through, WOW, I just love it.

    “Amazing Grace”


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