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A new room will be posted monthly.  Subscribing is easy (and free!) – just enter your email address in the space provided to the right of the screen, hit ‘follow’, and like magic, you’ll find a new room in your inbox every month.

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8 thoughts on “Subscribe/Follow on Facebook

  1. shellie nielsen on said:

    Loved looking through all the beautiful rooms you have featured so much inspiration would love to subscribe


  2. Mandy Tiffany on said:

    Subscribed! What a wonderful idea! Would love to be a part of it!


    • Thanks Mandy…so glad you like the concept. I would also love you to be part of it. When you confirm your subscription, I’ll have your e-mail on file, so I’ll contact you that way and we can talk dates! Kate x


  3. What groovy rooms! I would love to see more!


  4. Rebecca on said:

    Congratulations. A lovely idea for a blog with beautiful images.


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