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Room 18 – Coco’s lounge room

Coco found this gorgeous couch on a nature strip in Dromana, Victoria. Such an amazing hard rubbish find!

Coco attended a vintage pop up sale in Williamstown years ago with her two nephews, Max, 12 and Archer, 2. The boys were “all over the chairs” according to Coco, and they remain the boys’ favourite pieces of furniture in the room.

The side table is a Louis XV, Parisian chevet. Coco admits she “paid a bomb” for this lovely little piece.

The binoculars inside the cabinet were purchased in Lyon, France.

Coco bought the Koi side table as, according to the Japanese, it symbolises perseverance and strength in adversity.

The antlers were purchased at an antique bazaar some years ago.

These gorgeous cushions were made by Coco’s sister in law, Leanne. Coco explains that she loves collecting authentic vintage fabrics and Leanne loves to sew!

The red cushion was made by Penelope Durston

The picture of the rat was taken by conceptual fine art photographer Serap Osman.

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10 thoughts on “Room 18 – Coco’s lounge room

  1. Carolyn on said:

    What an incredible room – so elegant and stylish! Wish I had a quarter of Coco’s talent.


  2. gmidz on said:

    As someone who has had the pleasure of being in this space I can honestly say that it is always filled with pieces that are beautiful, interesting and unique. For me, Coco’s style is the epitome of great taste.


  3. Rebecca on said:

    A very elegant room. Is the couch the same blue as the walls? If so – how clever and effective. I really like the photo of the rat – very beautiful.


  4. Anmol on said:

    Wow, it takes a discerning eye to put things together like that! Awesome!


  5. Laurence Coco on said:

    I miss you and your lounge room a whole lot more now!!! :)
    Great photo’s the room looks fantastic as always! xx


  6. I now want to paint a room in my house blue!! <3


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