The Room Illuminated

Room 78 – Strawberry Siren’s bedroom


“My bedroom is reserved for relaxing, reading, dressing, grooming, playing with my cat Drazic and watching movies in bed.”

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“It’s me in a nutshell! Busy, intricate, feminine, chaotic, artistic, glamorous and totally rock’n’roll.”




Strawberry’s Siren’s favourite piece is her mirrored ‘Wall of Fame’- a wardrobe door covered with images of performer friends from around the globe.


“I got that mask in Venice and wore it for my first ever feather fan dance routine about six years ago.”


Artwork – ‘Augusta’ by tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp.


“My parents met in 1980 when my father was racing as a professional cyclist. This photo was taken by a journalist and featured in the newspaper after my father had won a high profile race. My parents divorced in 2003 and most of the family photos were destroyed. Somehow this photo survived the chaos and my mum gave it to me a year ago, so I framed it immediately!”




“I started competing in Miss Burlesque Australia in 2010 when it first started and I won the title of Miss Burlesque Victoria in my first attempt, which instantly fueled the competitor streak in me! I competed in similar competitions such as Miss Pin-Up Australia and Miss Nude Australia, which has meant I now have quite the collection of tiara’s, sashes and trophies! I keep them displayed in my room as a reminder to myself that I can achieve great things when I really focus and push myself.”


“I grew up in a country town, so a debutante was just the “thing to do” at the time. The only real lasting memory is that my deb partner broke his foot three days before the event, so I ended up doing the deb with my younger brother!”


Burlesque superstar from the 1950s and one of Strawberry Siren’s idols – Gypsy Rose Lee.




“For my 30th Birthday my sister Teneille made a ‘Strawberry Siren’ cake. So in essence…the barbie doll cake version of me…it was amazing! She stood a ‘Brats’ tattooed, punk, barbie doll up inside a cake skirt and decorated her as a massive strawberry (red skirt, green corset with black specks all over it).”



“When I was growing up my mother wasn’t a fan of Barbie or of me owning one, so she over compensated by buying me EVERY Strawberry Shortcake doll in existence! I of course became a huge fan and even named myself after her! I have kept a lot of the Strawberry Shortcake things that I owned as a child and I get to pull them all out when my niece comes over for a visit.”

Logo q and a finalWhat’s the room and who uses it?
It’s my bedroom and only I use it. It’s my sacred space where I enjoy being alone. I do however, let friends stay there when I’m on tour.

What do you do for a crust?
I do a number of things…I have been a performer/entertainer for the last 23 years, mainly in circus & burlesque (  I have recently retired from full-time performing and am crossing over into producing and production for shows. I now co-produce the national Miss Burlesque Australia competition and I work as a tour and stage manager for various festivals and shows.
I was the brand ambassador for Melissa Australia (shoes) for four years and I now work in the QV store in the city. Which explains my shoe collection!

What goes on in the room?
SLEEP! My bedroom is reserved for relaxing, reading, dressing, grooming, playing with my cat Drazic and watching movies in bed. I try not to work in my bedroom so that I keep my work and relaxation times completely separate.

Favourite piece in the room and why?
My mirrored ‘wall of fame’ which is covered in photos and pictures from all of my performer friends from around the globe.

Anything on your wish list that you would love to add to the space?
Artwork! I have a couple of pieces of artwork done by close friends that are currently at the framers that I need to go and pick up!

What do other people say when they see your room for the first time?
“Holy shit!” or “WOW” are usually the first things that come out of people’s mouths when they enter my room. There’s so much to take in and look at with all of my sashes, trophies, tiara’s, lanyards, artwork and decorations that occupy every inch of space.

Why do you love this room?
Because it’s ‘Me’ in a nutshell! Busy, intricate, feminine, chaotic, artistic, glamorous and totally rock’n’roll.

What’s one lovely memory you have whilst being in the room?
The morning that my (now) boyfriend came bursting through my door at 10am (which is super early for a showgirl) to wake me up and tell me that he loved me and wanted to be with me. We sat for four hours talking about what we wanted and needed from a relationship and each other, which has lead to a loving and successful partnership.

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