The Room Illuminated

Room 73 – Bee Czarnota’s entrance hall (Melbourne, Australia)


“When I think of the space I think of many happy moments with friends new and old, and relatives coming and going.”


“It is the space where we welcome people into our home. I wanted it to feel interesting, fun and engaging …it seems to fit the brief.”


The colourful fish on wall is called Franco. “Before my husband and I were married, we were on a trip to Europe. On a train from France to Italy we met an Italian priest who was filled with love and wisdom and his name was … yes, Franco. After meeting him we were in a little village in the Cinque Terre and walked into a tiny art gallery where the artist he had told us about had an exhibition. So it was decided when this colorful fish jumped off the wall into our arms that we must take him home to forever remember the trip and the wonderful man Franco!”


“I love Jeff Koons – a great American artist who is renowned for his popular, influential and often controversial artwork.”







“My husband surprised me with this custom piece by Katie McKinnon for my birthday last year and I love it! It has our initials hidden within it – a special piece with sentiment.


What better way for a family of Star Wars fans to show their loyalty, than to have Chewbacca hanging in the hallway!

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Logo q and a final What’s the room and who uses it?
It’s the front entrance hall, so anyone from friends and family, to the online shopping (or wine!) delivery man. A sign of the modern times we live in!

What do you do for a crust?
I am a conceptual stylist.
I have worked designing interiors for commercial and residential spaces and found myself working between this and styling people, places and spaces. I like to call on past experiences to take on creative jobs that excite me! Hence the conceptual stylist thing – it can be hard to define exactly what I do, so I don’t like to confine myself. By keeping this open mind and multi-disciplinary creativity the right opportunities emerge!

What goes on in the room?
Being a long entry hall, anything from soccer (did I mention we have two boys?!) to lengthy chats with guests arriving or leaving (often whilst waiting for kids to put their shoes back on at the bench seat!), to slip’n’slide races in socks (old school fun never dies!).
Favourite piece in the room and why?
Hmmm… tough one! I have a few faves in this area as I wanted to make an impression (good, bad or otherwise depending on personal taste/style of course!) as soon as you enter the house. Depends what day you ask me on, but I will go with the paper mache fish (we named Franco – long story!), the Lego architecture series ‘Empire State Building’ (it reminds us of the great family trip we took there two years ago) and the Aquarian in me loves a bit of Boho, so my rose quartz and agate crystal book – and collection! Something about the energy they behold = power + beauty!

Anything on your wish list that you would love to add to the space?
I keep talking about ‘one day’ having a pink neon sign commissioned with the greeting “Hi!”  Would really love that to add to the vibe of this space!

Describe the room in three words
Modern, eclectic, and very “Me”.

Why do you love this room?
It is the space where we welcome people into our home.  I wanted it to feel interesting, fun and engaging… it seems to fit the brief.

What’s one lovely memory you have whilst being in the room?
Not any one memory in particular. It’s a transitioning space so not one where a great deal of time is spent, but at the same time when I think of the space I think of many “happy moments” with friends new and old and relatives coming and going.

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