The Room Illuminated

Room 53 – Michael Hayes’ workshop (Melbourne, Australia)

Michael’s 4000 square foot workshop. The space where all his beautiful timber pieces are created.

As a way to reduce the amount of waste, Michael gives away saw dust for those who want it. Over the years, people have given him eggs, cookies, beer an cakes in return…just don’t forget to return your bags!

“Most people when they come in for the first time say, “wow, it’s big”, or “wow, look at all this wonderful rustic timber”. ” I’m a bit of a hoarder, not wanting to part much with my timber.”

Michael’s stroke sander. “I use it to flatten my timber panels after I’ve glued them together, whether it’s for a cabinet (side panels, and shelves) or table tops. It’s a very old way of flatting panels, as there are newer, fancier machines now days, but I like the hand element of making when using this machine. “


Timber, both new and recycled, sits waiting to be turned into something fabulous.

Safety first! These signs reminding workers to don the protective glasses and ear wear were put up by Michael’s father, when he was working along side him in the workshop some time ago.

It can get pretty hot inside the workshop on sunny days. “The small Mistral fan is my air con. Found in an op-shop many years ago, it just keeps going. It helps a little to move the air around on those very hot days.”

This unit is a prototype design TV console, made all of ply. “The outer carcass is form ply, it has a film, in this case black, and all the face is hoop pine ply. I had the ply there that needed using, so that’s the idea I came up with, working it out as I went.”


The love and talent for working with timber has transferred to the next generation. These cheese boards were made by Michael’s son. “He wanted to go to NASA next year as part of a school trip, as he wants to be an aerospace engineer. He really wanted to go, so to help with the funds for the trip, I came to him with the idea of making cheese boards to sell. Sadly he didn’t make the cut for the trip, but we’re now putting the money towards his university education.”


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3 thoughts on “Room 53 – Michael Hayes’ workshop (Melbourne, Australia)

  1. Andrew Morgan on said:

    Hey Michael, Are you the Michael Hayes from NZ, left Saint Kents and moved to Melbourne around 1978, used to hang-out and cause trouble with Marty Needham?? Great looking furniture!! Andy Morgan (AP) i recall your dad was a carpenter, I used to hang with John Howard & Co. Cheers


  2. Liza Fox on said:

    What a fabulous space…LOVE x


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