The Room Illuminated

Room 51 – Tony’s dining room (Melbourne, Victoria)

“I love sitting around the dining table enjoying a meal, drinks and conversation with good friends,and I love the warmth and the glow from the uranium glass and the ultraviolet lighting.”

This candle stick is one half of a pair that was made in the 1930s by the German company, Walther and Sohne. ” They’re called nymphens (water nymphs) and they would have originally belonged to a seven piece vanity set which would have included a tray, ring bowl, powder and trinket bowls. I have only had these beautiful mermaid candle sticks as the pair never as the full set.”

“I have around 180 pieces of uranium glass, which I regularly move from the cabinets onto the dining table or on top of cabinets, ensuring all pieces get used.”

“Part of the charm of uranium glass for me is the fact that possibly as high as 90% of the original owners would never have seen them glow as they do under ultra violet light. I tend to collect pieces I can use. For me part of the charm is wondering who has owned them previously, what stories they could tell of their owners and what was the piece originally purchased for, wedding present, retail therapy or just for everyday use.”

“This beautiful lady was made in plaster between 1920 to 1930 by Leonardi of England. Known as Leonardene Nudes, these statues came in a range of colours and styles.”

“The ashtray and stand would have been made around the end of mass production of uranium glass in the late 40s early 50s.”

One of Tony’s favourite things in the room, is the dinner set that he and his late partner started collecting 28 years ago.”It has seen many a happy gathering of family and friends.”

Made by Sowerby, this beautiful example of Art Deco with its female figure on each side of the barrel, is called Pandora’s box. Like most uranium glass, it was for everyday use; this piece as a cookie barrel.

Tony’s not quite sure about the origins of this item, what he does know however, is that it’s one of his favourite pieces of uranium glass. “The detail of the elephant is amazing and it works well as a chocolate bowl for the dining table with coffee after a meal.”

And when the lights go down! “The lighting in the room and cabinets is ultra violet light. Uranium glass depending on the amount of uranium used in the glass making process may show some light glow, however to get the full effect the use of ultra violet light picks up the uranium thereby making the pieces glow.”

“I love changing the candles after a dinner; it reminds me that they have been burnt whilst enjoying the company of friends and the promise of the next meal.”

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8 thoughts on “Room 51 – Tony’s dining room (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. Kate just wanted to tell you an old friend who lived with me and my late partner saw your page and recognised me. We lost touch just after my partner passed away. Your site has reconnected us. Can’t thank you enough. She now lives in Tasmania and we are back in touch.


  2. Adorablest on said:

    Room illuminated all right – positively GLOWING! Love reading your blog, very unique.


  3. Kate your amazing, love seeing my dining room thru someone else’s eyes and what you have focused on.


  4. Ian Munro on said:

    Wow Tony great looking glass and objects Love them and the way you have displayed them


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