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Room 37 – Coco’s bedroom (Rosebud, Victoria)

“The bed is Victorian and was found under the floor of a house. The cane insert is a 70s bed head found on the side of the road. The two pieces combined, are a perfect metaphor for marriage; two distinctly different personalities, beautiful in their own right,coming together to complement each other”.

The antique nightdress was entrusted to Coco by her mother in law. ” I like for things to be seen and displayed and enjoyed. This nightie belonged to my mother in law’s great – great aunt, who was originally from England”.

The round picture of a the deer is actually a light catcher bought from an Op shop for the grand total of $1. “When I bought it I immediately attached it to the coloured beads I was wearing. The lady in the op shop laughed and said ‘you always have such a knack’ “.

“My wedding dress on the antique mannequin was made by my amazing sister Lamb. We had a carnival/circus wedding so I got the Miss Rosebud 1966 sash made; It’s the year I was born. I can’t even begin to describe our wedding. It was huge. A Mr Whippy van came for dessert, fire twirlers, fortune tellers, spinning wheel, show bags, people dressed up as elephants and clowns….oh god it was insane!”


The crucifix that hangs on the wall was bought from overseas years ago . “I have a thing for crucifixes. I was raised Catholic but have my own beliefs. Basically I believe in everything. I believe in belief. Why limit your options I say. That applies to everything.”

The pink flying birds are made out of vintage lino by Betty Lo Designs. ” I seriously want one of everything that Liz Jones ever makes.”

This lovely lady was another op shop purchase of $4. “It reminds me of one of my Nana’s who had the Barsony lamps and ashtrays etc. The tiara she wears was from my best friend Jo Anderson, gifted to me when she had a clear out.”

The doll in the bunny outfit was another op shop find. “The kind of find that makes your heart race. It was $2 and has a “growler” noise thing inside. I love Japanese Lolita fashion and this reminds me of that.”

On the other side of the foot of the bed, sits a mermaid doll made by one of Coco’s favourite artist: Rebecca Cool.

The Madonna cushion came from ‘The Big Chair’ in Sorrento. “One of my best mates. Ritchie, messaged me and said there was a cushion I couldn’t live without. I went to this posh shop looking like – well – looking like me, and they must’ve thought I wouldn’t buy anything. I left with the world’s most expensive cushion. (To my husband: I’m just making this up for the article darling xx).”

These amazing boots were made by a woman from the Netherlands named Leona Leppers. “My sister and I got a pair each sent over after meeting her on Facebook. I’m a total groupie of Leonna’s.”

These shoes were worn by Coco’s husband on their wedding day.

“We took our little kids to see our big son in Sydney when he was with The Great Moscow Circus (yes our son ran away to the circus). One day, my big son Kieran and I went into a shop called ‘Cherry Bomb’ in Narrabeen. When we left the shop, my son said he had to go back in to get a business card and when he returned he handed me a beautifully gift wrapped parcel containing this doll. People find it creepy but I love it.”

This book, called Coles Funny Picture Book, belonged to Coco’s mother. “We got our celebrant to put our wedding ceremony and vows inside the book so we could incorporate her into our wedding. My mum’s maiden name was Lois Love that’s why the word LOVE and the heart symbol feature heavily in our home.”

“When I moved to the Mornington Peninsula I met a group of women who are all amazingly talented,creative and inspiring. Long before my arrival they had formed a group they called the Ya Yas. This name was inspired by the book and the movie ‘The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya sisterhood’. One Christmas they inducted me into their group and presented me with this hat. They are all so amazing, I feel like if I hang out with them enough maybe their brilliance will rub off on me! When I met this group of women I felt I had met my tribe. They accepted me for who I was, and in doing so, encouraged me to express my individuality. Have you read the story of the Ugly Duckling? This is how it went down!! Even my husband acknowledges that meeting the Ya Yas was a turning point in my life. I’m not even joking, if there was a fire, apart from my husband, kids and four legged kids, I would save this hat first”.

Click here to find out more about Coco, and her work as a ‘not so average’ celebrant for the far from average wedding.

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25 thoughts on “Room 37 – Coco’s bedroom (Rosebud, Victoria)

  1. Hi Coco,
    thank you for sharing your absolute lovely room in bohemian style and a bit of your life. I sincerely like it very much – it is such a pleasure to watch each photo – you made my day!
    I just found you by accident – I’m sure, I will come back.

    Kind regards from Bavaria in Germany
    from Evelyn


  2. El Maglitto on said:

    I want to replicate this room in every way! What a feast for the eyes! My idea of perfection!


  3. My eyes just nearly popped out of my skull! Coco’s bedroom is gorgeous, I love the doll made by Rebecca Cool and all the beautiful details. There is such much beauty to take in!


  4. I just met Coco (and stayed in the aforementioned ‘shed’…can I just clarify that the shed is ALMOST as cool as this bedroom…Coco and Mike are absolutely incredible decorators) and she pointed me towards this blog. Thank you for the beautiful photos Kate, and thank you Coco for creating such beauty! Memories of your house (and your family) have been brightening my week. Now I have inspiration to finish our sun room and ask Kate to come and visit :)


  5. I’m one very lucky girl to be friends with this divine girl…..coco has the biggest heart …she always makes you welcome….and she eats musk sticks…giggle singing and skipping xxx jo


  6. VERY unhappy reading this article.
    Left me with total bedroom envy.
    Have ordered an industrial sized skip to remove the quite pathetic contents of my own boudoir.
    Starting from scratch.
    Thank you.


  7. Lamb on said:

    Totally divine room and totally divine sister. You should see the rest of the house, mind blowing. Love Lamb xx


  8. Alyssa Lang on said:

    I have had the honour of visiting Coco and her gorgeous family. Every room in her house is exquisite, filled with rare and beautiful treasures. I have never seen anything like it, every where one looks is intriguing, like being a kid in the best toy shop you could ever imagine.
    Coco has a magical spirit to match too.


  9. I love love love the photos that were taken. Thanks xx


  10. Thank you for your lovely comments. I understand that it won’t appeal to most but it’s my haven


  11. missbettyjo on said:

    Totally gorgeous mix of colour and vintage treasures. The perfect Boudoir!


  12. Totally adore the beautiful colours and the vintage treasures. The perfect boudoir!


  13. Nice to see a room that puts my love of colour to shame…I don’t do beige either – should be banned from the world. I also treasure my ya ya’s. Lovely room, thanks Kate and Coco.


  14. zinniablue on said:

    What a lovely space to sleep, make love and to dream in. x


  15. Kerry on said:



  16. Liza Fox on said:

    What an incredible room, filled with colour, treasures and so much love. I’ve sucked in every photo…what a fabulous way to start the day. Pure joy right there! xxx


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