The Room Illuminated

Room 16 – Lina, Luke and Ziggy’s dining room

The floating candle lights that hang over the dining table provide a Gothic touch to the space.

The taxidermied owl and common snipe were brought back from Lithuania.

Lina has a love for Mexican antiques and home wares. The Mexican folk art vase sits happily underneath the he crucifix’s and love hearts (also Mexican) on the wall that are covered in silver milagros (prayer charms).

The perspex sculptures that sit under the artwork are by Phillip Low.

The artwork is by Melbourne artist, Min Simankevicius. It’s a photo of the ‘Hill of Crosses’ near a city called Siauliai in Lithuania. It has special significance for Lina as it’s the city that her grandparents lived in where her mother grew up.

The pink Acapulco chair is an iconic Mexican design that has been made since the 1950’s.

Luke and Lina bought the Mona Lisa at an antique shop years ago. Lina admits “there’s just something about her that we both like!”

The print of the woman in the red dress was taken during Lina’s time working as part of a fashion label known as – ‘a name is a label’. It was a publicity shot, using one of their dresses and a necklace they had made. The model was tied up in rope and hung from the ceiling. Lina’s friend still runs the label and “makes amazing clothes”.

Lina’s aunt and uncle – the original owners of Lina and Luke’s home – bought the house in the 1950s. Lina was close to them both, and has many memories of spending time with them, in what is now her house, when she was a young girl.

A photograph of Lina’s brother.

Lina and Luke’s son, Ziggy. Taken when he was a very new four week old.

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6 thoughts on “Room 16 – Lina, Luke and Ziggy’s dining room

  1. Jimbob on said:

    Lovely….. eccentric and eclectic in the best possible way. I’m not too sure about the ethicality of the taxidermied birds though (unless they’re antique and therefore relics of a less enlightened age) – or the prospective monkey skull!


  2. Beautiful mother, such a strong fine young gentleman, a very Modern Madonna and Child.
    Your home is exquisite Lina, so precise yet eclectic, and wow, I love the Image of the Hill of Crosses!


  3. Kate you have captured the heart and soul of this home. Hill of crosses, love it, Lina’s Aunt looks like a movie star. Contemporary, traditional and vintage all captured beautifully.


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