The Room Illuminated

Room 12 – Rebecca, Peter and Tiffany’s lounge (Melbourne, Victoria)

The fireplace is one of the beautiful original features of their 1940s home.


The aluminium greyhound keeps watch beside the fireplace.

The girl in the photograph is Rebecca’s mother as a teenager.

The doors, with their etched glass depicting stylised gum trees, are another original feature of the home.

Most of these books belonged to Rebecca’s parents and were read many times over. Particular favourites were ‘Daddy Long Legs’, ‘The Good Master’ and ‘Swallow Dale’ – all stories of adventures in far off places.

table 1

This beautiful piece sits beneath the glass on the coffee table and was hand embroidered by Rebecca’s grandmother.

The print is by Donald Douglas – a friend of Rebecca’s parents.

This print was bought by Rebecca’s father. The lacework on the verandah reminded him of his childhood in Hong Kong.

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12 thoughts on “Room 12 – Rebecca, Peter and Tiffany’s lounge (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. Grandma’s embroidery, what a treasure, love it.


  2. Rebecca on said:

    Thank you for all the lovely comments and thank you Kate for the beautiful photos. It’s been so much fun – I can highly recommend it!


  3. Matilda May on said:

    Hi Becca,

    Best memory from a Christmas morning in this living room. Beautiful as always
    Much love from the Adelaide crew.

    Janie, Rob, Tilda, Livvie and Molly May xx


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It is definitely a beautiful room, and lovely memories make it even more special of course. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog, that way you’ll be notified when our next beautiful room arrives! Kate x


  4. shelagh1 on said:

    Hi Rebecca, Peter and Tiff,

    How lovely to see your well loved home featured in this blog!
    I particularly love the way you have preserved this private and creative space with its nooks and crannies, a real place for memories and treasures, so thoughtfully displayed.
    The gorgeous paisley ‘kerchief’ owns its place in the centre of the room and provides an expansive, contemporary splash of colour, a fabulous way to honour the intricate needlework of your grandmother who, has passed on her creativity to you!
    Great to see this and will look forward to more.



  5. Such a gorgeous blank canvas to begin with. No wonder Rebecca, Peter and Tiffany fell in love with the home before they purchased it. Those beautiful rich floor boards and lovely wide skirting boards. Bellissimo!! Styling seems effortless (which of course it isn’t) Love the post.


  6. Jane J on said:

    Love it – wonderful reminder of childhood revisited through a beautiful renovation.


    • Thanks for commenting Janie. They certainly did a beautiful renovation. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe. That way you’ll be updated when another beautiful room is posted. Kate x


  7. The greyhound is such a quirky and gorgeous beast. I love greyhounds and dogs in general. It’s kitsch but stylish too. Great addition to the room x


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