The Room Illuminated

Room 10 – Cathie and Paul’s living room (Bendigo, Victoria)

Cathy’s favourite piece in the room. A team football photo taken in 1948 that includes both Paul’s father, Pat (bottom row, fourth from left) and Cathy’s father, Rob ( top row fourth from right). Cathy and Paul were unaware when they met, that their fathers had known each other, let alone played together!

The quilt was handmade with lots of love, by Paul’s mum Eileen.

The green stool was bought by Cathy nearly 30 years ago. It has changed colour many times over the years, depending on the décor of her abode at the time. Cathy professes that she loves it, “because sitting on it makes me feel like a milk maid!”.

The farm in the picture is of Cathy’s dad’s childhood home in country Victoria. The picture hung in the family home for many years.

The red and white vases were a wedding gift from ‘the girls’ – Cathy’s mates from her nursing days

frog final

The purple, silk pouch was hand stitched by Cathy to carry her and Paul’s wedding rings on their special day

‘Big Red’ sits underneath Cathy and Paul’s ‘travel wall’. Currently only Tahiti and Vietnam are represented, but they have plans to fill the entire wall with their dream destinations.

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3 thoughts on “Room 10 – Cathie and Paul’s living room (Bendigo, Victoria)

  1. 1940’s footy photo including both Cathy and Paul’s father, what are the chances, love the sentiment.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous Cas, I didn’t realise how colourful your place was! What a joy it must be to come home to.


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