The Room Illuminated

Room 7 – Brigitte, Murray and Luke’s living room (Melbourne, Victoria)

The grandfather clock has great sentimental value to Brigitte, as it once belonged to her own grandfather. It is one of only a few pieces that Brigitte brought with her from Germany.

The Western Desert painting is by Paddy Japarrulla Nelson

This chair is another piece that Brigitte chose to take with her when she left Germany. It’s a ‘hard rubbish’ find and very well loved, according to Brigitte.

‘A Wild Orchestra’ – art work created by Luke when he was five years old

One of Luke’s recent creations: wood scraps assembled and painted

The marble desk accessories were a gift from a school in the former East Germany, where Brigitte briefly worked after reunification

The bedside table with marble top, was once in the home of Brigitte’s parents. The poster on the wall titled, ‘The Big Think/ The Big Bang Theory in Black and White’ is by Greg Sugden. This was a souvenir from a recent trip to Parkes Radio Telescope.

The Holstee Manifesto. It’s there as a reminder to live life to the fullest. It also occasionally starts an interesting conversation with visitors.

A precious gift : A poem written by Luke before he had actually learned to write. Brigitte describes it as capturing the paradox of existence and its solution: love
(“Hold on let go
Let be what comes
Keep love in your soul forever”)

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5 thoughts on “Room 7 – Brigitte, Murray and Luke’s living room (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. I’m loving Luke’s art work and all the sitting arrangements, comfy!


  2. I would love to have a TV free home! Alas, I am hooked on telly…Great space with great light. I love the dot paintings and the Manifesto. Really good idea to keep you centred.


  3. Cathie on said:

    I really enjoy peering through the windows Kate has opened into the private spaces of my fellow humans. Your rooms are amazing, interesting, inspirational and obviously warmly loved. Thanks Kate for creating this site – I’m hooked!!!


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