The Room Illuminated

Room 14 – Ramona’s bedroom (Melbourne, Victoria)

The day bed is Ramona’s favourite eBay purchase. On the shelf sit just a few of the 93 woollen blankets that she collects. The collection started with only Onkaparinga travel rugs and has evolved into old Australian woollen blankets.

The hanging cluster of circular iron pieces is described by Ramona as “crazy, baffling and exquisitely gorgeous”. The iron circles can turn on top of each other depending on which circle you want to use or if you want to fold it up completely.

A collection of leather camera cases sit next to the timber ladder that hangs happily on the Shaker peg rail.

This tray was a gift. Ramona describes it as fitting laptop/coffee/phone perfectly, usually over pyjama clad legs on a lazy morning.

Ramona’s favourite piece – a cupboard that was originally a 1960s government filing cabinet which she had remodelled.

Inside Ramona’s cupboard sit her gorgeous collection of shoes courtesy of Vegan Wares and Stella McCartney.

The infamous and most beloved ‘Spook’.

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4 thoughts on “Room 14 – Ramona’s bedroom (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. I just love the simplicity of Ramona’s space, the warmth of the wood against the stark walls. The day bed is an awesome find and the shoes, well I’m jealous. Photo of Ramona is really lovely, very inspiring! well done Kate.


  2. Just beautiful – the room, but also Spook’s story. And I too know the healing powers of Northern Exposure! Thanks, Kate, for another inspirational room and the story behind it.


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