The Room Illuminated

Room 13 – Chloe and Pete’s Lounge (Melbourne, Victoria)

The piano is a long term loan from Chloe and Pete’s best friend, Dickie (Richard); a musician living and working overseas. He introduced Chloe and Pete to each other 20 years ago.

The fireplace and mantle was put in by Chloe and Pete when they first renovated the house.

The much loved wicker chair was purchased on a trip to Bendigo.

This gorgeous cushion was made by Chloe’s friend, interior designer Shona McMahon.

A collection of beautiful photos that Chloe affectionately refers to as her ‘family tree’. In the top left corner, is a photograph of Chloe (then aged two), being pushed on a swing by her mum. It was taken when they were living in London.

A photograph of Pete and Dickie (with guitar), when they were better known as ‘Astric Parca’. The shot was taken in 1989 at ‘New Orleans’ in Chapel Street, South Yarra.

The picture of the woman in the oval frame was inherited from Chloe’s maternal nanna. She was an art lover, and Chloe remembers this print as being one of her nanna’s favourites, as it always hung in her lounge room.

The desk was a recent eBay purchase. Chloe confesses it is the best $50 she has ever spent!

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4 thoughts on “Room 13 – Chloe and Pete’s Lounge (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. love that desk, well done


  2. Chloe on said:

    Thanks Rebecca, as the piano belongs to our friend who introduced us to each other nearly 20 years ago it is very special to us indeed. Even nicer when it is played. xx


  3. Rebecca on said:

    Another cosy room. There seems to be a trend in people’s favourites – we obviously prefer the room with the special memories and lovely objects! How lucky you are to have a piano. It is a rarity these days but it really adds something to a room. Nostalgia? A focal point?
    Thanks for sharing.


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