The Room Illuminated

Room 11 – Bec, Mike, Finn and Zoe’s living room (Melbourne, Victoria)

full shot 1

The book shelf was designed by Bec and Mike.

The Morrissey print was given to Mike for his 30th birthday by an aunt. Both the aunt and Mike share a passion for the man and his music.

You’ve gotta love the two dollar shop finds, and this vase was just that. It failed its main purpose, as it leaks water…but it’s a lovely piece and serves another purpose according to Bec, “toning down the pink in the book shelf”.

The photo of Mike and Finn and was taken whilst on holiday in Rye. Bec explains that she “liked the image of father and son with the sea before them and the world at their feet (so to speak!)”.

The unicorn was made by Bec in year 10 ceramics and is her mum’s favourite thing that she’s ever made. The ‘surfer dude’ on the right was made by Mike, and is one of Bec’s favourite pieces.

The charcoal drawing was commissioned by Bec for Mike’s 30th birthday. The drawing includes Jazz the cat, music, coffee and gardening, which Bec felt summed up where Mike’s life was at that point. It was drawn by Tony Albers.

The fish were bought on a recent holiday in Cambodia. They were made by a local Phnom Penh artist.

The painting is a multimedia work by Greg Mallyon, a long time friend . Bec and Mike originally minded the painting for the artist when he moved to a smaller house, and then when they married he gave it to Mike and Bec as a wedding present. It has always been the focal point in all their houses.

This armchair is the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

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10 thoughts on “Room 11 – Bec, Mike, Finn and Zoe’s living room (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. tina comisso on said:

    Love the morrissey and the boldness…..Bec to a tea,as I see you beautifully decorated some mornings around Northcote.


  2. I agree Bec, Mike’s surfer dude is cool man


  3. Carmen on said:

    The pink book shelf has really inspired me to try a yellow one in my lounge :)


  4. Ros Riley on said:

    Fantastic shot of Bec; I think you captured her perfectly. And what a backdrop…


  5. Loving the purple in a lounge room, gorgeous colours


  6. love the pink bookshelf, how original…!!


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