The Room Illuminated

Room 8 – Doreen’s bedroom (Melbourne, Victoria)

Both the bed and dressing table are made from bird’s eye maple veneer. The suite was purchased by Doreen and her husband in 1948.

The crystal lamp was given to Doreen by her husband on their first wedding anniversary in 1939.

The crystal clock was given to Doreen and her husband by her mother and father in law for a wedding gift

The hand painted wooden cross was brought back from a church in north Athens, by Doreen’s daughter. In the background, sits the wedding photograph of Doreen’s daughter, taken in 1974.

The shrine is there to both honour the lives of Doreen’s late husband and son, and to acknowledge the grief that she experiences. A constant candle light burns to keep their memory alive; a profoundly moving example of a wife and mother’s love.

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20 thoughts on “Room 8 – Doreen’s bedroom (Melbourne, Victoria)

  1. Birds eye maple bedroom suite, just beautiful and so is the story, thanks Doreen


  2. Eclectic Medicine Design House on said:

    Gorgeous story, and a beautiful lady.
    Timeless, beautiful furniture. So elegant x


  3. A beautiful person with a beautiful story and a heart of gold.

    Thank you Kate for taking the time to create and maintain this blog.


  4. craig on said:

    What a lovely room and a lovely lady.


  5. Lauren on said:

    Doreen’s shrine to her husband and son and wishing that her husband could be in their room again has moved me to tears and I felt compelled to write. Thank you Doreen for sharing your beautiful room.


  6. I’ve been in that room many times but it wasn’t until I saw these pics that I really noticed all the lovely things there. I love the teal curtains in the photo! Gonna have to pay more attention next time. Well photographed and put together!


  7. Carmen on said:

    It is very touching to think of objects with meaning used by the same person everyday for such a long time. I love that every time she looks in the mirror in her room, it is the same mirror as it has always been throughout her adult life; there is a lot of comfort in that. That’s certainly why I love old things. Whenever I move house people constantly tell me to get rid of everything you can, and that this is a chance to buy new stuff. However, my furniture, if not the rooms, hold memories that are profoundly important to me. Like the chair where I breastfed my children. I guess I like the idea of holding on to these things as the incidents themselves are long gone, with only me to remember them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful room Doreen, that was very kind of you, and certainly made me feel nostalgic.


  8. Chloe on said:

    Oh Doreen your room is lovely. I especially love all the comments about your husband.


  9. Christine on said:

    What gorgeous bedroom furniture – timeless taste, Doreen!


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